Dream Lake iced over - RMNP

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Property Tax Parameters


One of either scheduleNum OR parcelNum arguments must have a value (both parameters must be included)

  • scheduleNum - Property Schedule Number, string
  • parcelNum - Property Parcel Number, string
  • taxYear - Tax Year, 2000 - current tax year (one year less than current calendar year)


  • status - Status of Request: 0=success, 1=no data found, 2=invalid tax year
  • message - Return Status Message
  • parcelNumber - parcel number
  • scheduleNumber - schedule number
  • taxAmount - Property Tax Amount, numeric
  • address1 - Property Address 1, string
  • address2 - Property Address 2, string
  • city - Property City, string
  • state - Property State, string
  • zipCode - Property Zip Code, string
  • ownerName1 - Owner Name 1, string
  • ownerName2 - Owner Name 2, string
  • balance - Current Balance Owed, numeric
  • actualValue - Current Property Value (according to Assessor), numeric
  • lienFlag - Tax Sale Lien or County Held Tax Lien against property, Y or N
  • prioryrsFlag - Prior Year Tax Liability Outstanding, Y or N
  • defferedFlag - Tax Deferred Lien, Y or N
  • deedFlag - Treasury Deed Application Received, Y or N
  • exemptFlag - Full Tax Exemption Applied, Y or N
  • partexemptFlag - Partial tax exemption applied, Y or N
  • certTaxDueDate - Certificate of Taxes Due Date, mm/dd/yyyy
Background Image: Dream Lake frozen over in Rocky Mountain National Park by Bryce Bradford. All rights reserved.