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Office Information

Division Overview

Organization Chart

Administration Division

The Administration Division oversees the entire operation of the office and deals with items such as: personnel decisions, staffing, budget, legal issues and public complaints. The division is headed by the elected District Attorney Clifford E. Riedel and the office administrator. Accounting, computer services, our volunteer program and public information requests are also handled by the administration division.

Adult District Court Division

The Adult District Court Division handles criminal cases involving felony offenses committed in Larimer County or Jackson County. Those two counties make up the 8th Judicial District of Colorado. Felony cases include offenses such as homicides, sexual assaults, robberies, identity theft and drug offenses. There are six classes of felony offenses in Colorado. Class 1 felony offenses are the most serious and Class 6 are the least serious.

Juvenile District Court Division

The Juvenile District Court Division handles the prosecution of offenders who are under the age of 18 who have been charged with committing an misdemeanor or felony offense. Juveniles receiving traffic offenses are heard in County Court. Juvenile cases are typically prosecuted in a District Court Magistrates court in Fort Collins; however, any District Court Judge has the authority to handle a juvenile case as well. If a juvenile has committed a violent offense and is at least 14 years of age, the child may be charged as an adult. The juvenile division also oversees a juvenile diversion program that works with many first time juvenile offenders. The diversion program utilizes education, community and family services to divert the juvenile offenders from the criminal justice system.

County Court Division

The County Court Division handles all misdemeanor and traffic offenses written into the county courts of Larimer County. Typical cases involve charges such as third degree assault, harassment, domestic violence, driving under the influence of alcohol and minor in possession of alcohol. There are five county courts with three of those in Fort Collins and two in Loveland. Additionally, there is one magistrate's court in Fort Collins.

Victim/Witness Division

The Victim/Witness Division supports and assists crime victims while their related cases are being prosecuted. Victim Witness staff provide information on the criminal justice system, court case updates, referrals and court accompaniment, as well as emotional support. Victims of violent personal injury crimes may be eligible to have certain expenses paid by the Crime Victim Compensation Fund which is administered by Victim Witness staff. Additional services provided by the division include witness coordination, and preparation of documentation to allow the court to order defendant(s) to reimburse victims for any economic loss that are a direct result of the crime (restitution). The division also administers the Victim and Law Enforcement Fund (V.A.L.E.) which provides supplemental funding to organizations and agencies who provide additional victim services.

Central Services Division

The Central Services Division provides document and data support for all criminal cases prosecuted by the office. One of their chief responsibilities is providing discovery of all police reports, photographs, witness statements and audio and visual recordings to a defendant or their legal representative. Additionally, they handle criminal justice records requests from the public.

Intake Division

The Intake Division reviews potential felony cases presented to our office by law enforcement. Tens of thousands of potential felony and juvenile cases are presented to our office each year. If the case is accepted for filing of felony charges the intake division prepares and files the formal charges with the courts. The intake division also oversees the investigation and prosecution of white collar crimes and criminal appeals.

Investigations Division

The Investigations Division provides support and additional investigative services on cases where charges have been filed with the courts. Those wishing to report a crime should contact their local law enforcement authority or dial 911 if they have an emergency. Currently, a chief investigator, six investigators, a senior legal secretary handling trial coordination, and two investigative technicians handle investigative support for over 25,000 felony, juvenile and misdemeanor/traffic cases filed with the courts each year.

Office Locations

Fort Collins

photo of Fort Collins Justice Center

201 LaPorte Ave., Suite 200
Fort Collins, CO 80521-2763
(970) 498-7200
Fax: (970) 498-7250


photo of Loveland County Court

810 E. 10th St., Suite 210
Loveland, CO 80537-4944
(970) 619-4410
Fax: (970) 619-4414


photo of Walden Courthouse

404 4th St.
Walden, CO 80480
Mailing: PO Box 275
(970) 723-3328

Employment Opportunities

Openings for non-professional/clerical positions are listed on the main jobs page. Professional openings will be listed here when there is a vacancy.

Contact Information

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Adult District Court
Courtroom 3A: (970) 498-7174
Courtroom 3B: (970) 498-7158
Courtroom 4A: (970) 498-7154
Courtroom 4C: (970) 498-7152
Courtroom 5A: (970) 498-7156
Courtroom 5B: (970) 498-7155/p>

Juvenile District Court
Courtroom 4B: (970) 498-7220

County Court

Fort Collins
Courtroom 1A: (970) 498-7242
Courtroom 3D: (970) 498-7238
Courtroom 4D: (970) 498-7242
Courtroom 5D: (970) 498-7246

Main: (970) 619-4410

Main: (970) 498-7285
Victim Compensation: (970) 498-7290
Witness Subpoena Line: (970) 498-7280

Central Services (Discovery)
Main: (970) 498-7202
Fax: (970) 498-7250

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