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AIIM Program

Alternatives to Incarceration for Individuals with Mental health needs (AIIM) was developed as a joint venture between Larimer County Community Corrections, Larimer Center for Mental Health, The Sheriffs Office, and The Probation Department.

The purpose of the program is to provide an alternative to incarceration for individuals that are repeat offenders with mental health issues that are related to their crimes and to provide services and supervision to adults who are involved in the system due to their mental health issues. Our goal is to reduce jail bed days and the drain on probation, the courts the jail and the community at large.

The program will provide supervision and treatment to these offenders as well as monitored medications, substance abuse testing, and intensive case management assistance with basic needs, housing, and employment. We hope to reduce the drain on the system, and to help these individuals become more healthy productive members of society.


  • Primary Axis I diagnosis (other than the primary diagnosis being substance abuse) such as bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, major depression, anxiety disorders, etc.
  • May have a co-occurring substance use diagnosis.
  • Axis II disorder, if present, must not be the predominant mental health issue.
  • Issues with maintaining stability in life (i.e. employment, housing, etc).
  • Repeat offenders with crimes being linked to the defendants' mental health issues.
  • Repeat visitors to LCDC due to mental health issues.
  • Defendants' that need assistance in connecting to resources in the community.
  • Review of criminal history/current legal status will also be considered.
  • LSI score below 40
  • All potential participants will be carefully screened by a multi-disciplinary team for acceptance into the program and a sentencing option presented to the courts.
  • Voluntary participation

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide an alternative to post-trial incarceration for mentally ill offenders.
  • To reduce jail bed days, and drain on community resources by providing appropriate levels of supervision and support to mentally ill offenders.
  • To provide community supervision and provide services to mentally ill offenders to maintain public safety.
  • To provide the seriously mentally ill defendant with a starting point for successful rehabilitation.
  • To assist clients in making and maintaining community support systems.
  • To reduce recidivism among participants by providing appropriate assessment, supervision, monitoring, case management, and treatment services through a single community based location.
  • To appropriately identify and evaluate defendants who have a serious mental illness.
  • To provide appropriate community supervision, monitoring, case management, and treatment services for mentally ill defendants.
  • To assure continuity of care beyond sentence.


  • If sentenced to the AIIM program, the AIIM Staff will assure proper supervision as established by the standard terms and conditions of probation and special conditions set by the court.
  • Weekly therapy, medication monitoring, daily drop ins if needed, weekly group therapy (at least once weekly), at least once weekly face to face with case manager - probation
  • AIIM staff will make appropriate referral to services, internal and external, to include: mental health counseling, substance abuse counseling, medication, housing, employment and basic needs.
  • Colorado Judicial Probation Standards will be met in each case.
  • AIIM staff will discuss cases on an ongoing basis, with all AIIM staff, the Probation Liaison, Larimer Center for Mental Health Staff, to assure supervision and services are being offered appropriately and monitor the appropriateness of participants as they proceed through AIIM.
  • Community based

Ongoing Services

  • AIIM program staff will make referrals to community services to aid the client in developing independence and community support.
  • AIIM Case Managers will provide appropriate monitoring and supervision as defined by the case plan.
  • Individual therapy, group therapy, medication administration, medical support regarding psychiatric medications, and a supportive, challenging, supervised environment will be provided to all participants.

8th Judicial District Wellness Court

Our mission is to reduce recidivism with persons with mental illness by supporting their long term recovery through collaborative efforts with community service providers, thereby providing public safety with cost effective alternatives to incarceration.


  • Must have a severe and persistent mental illness such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective, bipolar disorder, major depression
  • May have a co-occurring substance use disorder
  • May have a co-occurring personality disorder, but must not be the predominant mental health issue
  • Must reside in the 8th Judicial District and be charged with a felony or misdemeanor or be facing revocation of probation in the 8th Judicial District
  • LSI score above 23

All referrals will go through a screening process including a legal screening to look at criminal history and risk, as well as a psycho-social assessment to determine appropriateness for the program.

Program Information

Participants of the 8th Judicial District Wellness Court will participate in the following services:

  • Court appearances
  • Individual therapy
  • Probation supervision
  • Group therapy
  • Basic needs case management
  • Psychiatric treatment including medication administration

Wellness Court Release of Information

Make a referral to the AIIM or Wellness Court program

Please complete the Wellness Court Release for ALL referrals for both AIIM and Wellness Court. At this time all referrals are going through the same screening process.
Please use the referral link (above), or fax the release and referral to 970-498-7490. If you have any questions regarding the referral process please contact Cali Thole at 970-498-7595 or

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