Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Helpful Contact Numbers

Always Dial 911 for Emergencies. 911
Gas Leaks-call Public Service (now called Xcel) at 1-800-772-7858 and report a gas leak. Public Service will dispatch a repair crew immediately. 1-800-772-7858
Call the Larimer County Planning Department for Land Use Code and zoning, site development, and setback requirements. (970) 498-7683
Call the Larimer County Building Department for building permit requirements, County building inspection requirements, building code questions, and estimated building permit fees. (970) 498-7700
Call the Larimer County Code Compliance Section to submit a complaint about a Building Code or Land Use Code violation (i.e. building without a permit, junk, debris, setbacks, abandoned vehicles), or to request research of parcels for code compliance purposes. (970) 498-7683
Call the State of Colorado Manufactured Home Installation Program (MHIP) for inspection requirements for the installation of factory-built homes. (303) 866-2036
Call the Colorado State Electrical Board for electrical permit information and inspection requirements. (303) 894-2985
Call the Larimer County Health Department for noise complaints and for permit requirements for a proper sewage disposal system, or contact the applicable sewer service provider in your area for tap/hook-up fees. (970) 498-6775
Call the State of Colorado Division of Water Resources for well permit requirements, or call your applicable water service provider in the area for tap/hook-up fees. (970) 352-8712
Call the Larimer County Assessor's Office for information about property assessments, move permits for factory-built homes, mobile homes, tax-exempt properties. (970) 498-7073
Call the Larimer County Engineering Department for information about road access permits, flood plain questions, drainage issues, transportation capital expansion fees and special transportation permits required for transporting heavy loads over county roads. (970) 498-5700
Call the Larimer County Clerk & Recorder's Office for information about liquor licensing, marriage licenses, elections, mobile home records and recording documents. (970) 498-7860
Larimer County Search and Rescue, 1303 N Shields St., Fort Collins CO 80524-1014. (970) 498-5314
Larimer County Sheriff's Office, 2501 Midpoint Dr., Fort Collins, CO 80525. (970) 498-5100
Larimer County Emergency Services General Information and Bulletin Board. (970) 498-5312
Larimer County Road and Bridge Department for signs or other obstructions in the road right of way. (970) 498-5653
Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.