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Reporting A Code Violation

How To Report A Violation Of The Land Use And/Or Building Code

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Any County citizen may make a complaint alleging one or more code violations. A citizen's complaint can be made on a Code Compliance Complaint Form , or you may submit a complaint via the internet Submit a Complaint Online. The complainant may complete the complaint form, or it may be completed by Code Compliance staff based upon a telephone call, letter or other contact from the complainant. If a complaint is received in letter form, the letter will be attached to the complaint form completed by Code Compliance staff. Land use code complaints must be in written form unless the violation involves a life-safety issue; one that Code Compliance staff determines has a significant impact on the public, nearby properties and/or neighborhood; or illegal commercial activity such as an illegal business or sign.

The complaint will be followed up with an inspection of the property and/or contact with the property owner. If a violation is found to exist, the property owner will be notified and resolution of the issue will be pursued by staff. However, if resolution cannot be reached within a reasonable amount of time, the matter may be referred to the Board of County Commissioners for a public hearing and/or a court action will be commenced to enforce County regulations.

Complaint forms are public records subject to disclosure pursuant to state laws.

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