Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Sample Liquor Inspection Report

The following is a list of items that are typically inspected whenever liquor authority personnel come to pay a visit. (Additional items may be subject to inspection depending upon the nature of the visit.)

YesNoN/AValid State Liquor License Posted 
YesNoN/AValid State Sales Tax License Posted 
YesNoN/AValid Local Liquor License Posted 
YesNoN/AValid Federal Tax Stamp Posted 
YesNoN/AValid Food Service License Posted 
YesNoN/AMinor Warning Sign Posted 
YesNoN/AMeals or Snacks Available 
YesNoN/ACleanliness is Adequate 
YesNoN/ABooks and Invoices Available 
YesNoN/ABeer Stock Acceptable 
YesNoN/AWine Stock Acceptable 
YesNoN/ALiquor Stock Acceptable 
YesNoN/AAlcohol Purchased From Permitted Sources 
YesNoN/ACompliance with Gambling Restrictions 
YesNoN/AManager Registered With Authorities 
YesNoN/ALicensee in Possession/Control of Premises 
YesNoN/ATrade Name Properly Registered 
YesNoN/ACompliance with Intoxicated Sale Restrictions 
YesNoN/ACompliance with Saler to Minor Provisions 
YesNoN/APremise Physical Control Adequate 
YesNoN/AAcceptable Dispensing Systems 
YesNoN/AOff Premise Storage Licensed 
YesNoN/AOnly Permitted Items Sold 
Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.