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Criminal Justice Advisory Committee

In 2007, the Board of County Commissioners recognized the Larimer County Criminal Justice Advisory Committee. The Committee is an advisory and policy level board consisting of County elected officials and other principal justice system decision makers. The Committee's authority comes from the agreement of a common purpose among the independent entities on the Committee. The business and affairs of the Committee shall be staffed by the Larimer County Criminal Justice Planning Manager.


The mission of the Larimer County Criminal Justice Advisory committee is to participate in a structured policy planning process that addresses issues facing the county's criminal justice system. The committee sets priorities, develops and executes policy decisions, and strives to ensure an accountable, coordinated justice system in Larimer County.


The current membership of the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee is as follows:

  • Sheriff Justin Smith
  • Fort Collins Interim Chief of Police Terry Jones
  • Loveland Chief of Police Robert Ticer
  • District Attorney Cliff Riedel
  • Larimer County Manager Linda Hoffman
  • Chief Probation Officer Christopher Gastelle
  • Larimer County Community Corrections Director Tim Hand
  • Public Defender Kathryn Hay
  • Larimer County Jail Administrator Captain Timothy Palmer
  • Community Parole Manager Melissa Gallardo
  • SummitStone Health Partners CEO Michael Allen
  • Criminal Justice Services Division Director Gary Darling - staff to the committee (Send email)
  • Chief District Court Judge Stephen Howard - Chair
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