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Pretrial Services Program

The Pretrial Services Program consists of two main Units. Staff assigned to the INTAKE UNIT have offices in the booking area of the Jail where they are available 24/7. Those staff interview each arrestee, conduct criminal history investigation, and verify information for completion of the defendant's application for bond. Upon completion of an assessment of risk, both of community safety and return to court, the bond investigation report is forwarded to the on-call judge or to the Advisement Court for video advisement at 1:30 p.m. each day. The Bond Application, completed by Pretrial Services' investigation, provides the Court with the confirmed criminal history, verified social and family background information, assessment of risk, and community safety concerns so that an informed bond decision can be made as required by law. Based upon the investigative report and the criteria identified in the Colorado Revised Statutes and Administrative Order 2014-01, recommendations are made for the type of bond and appropriate conditions which may reduce any concerns for risk. As a condition of bond, the defendant may be referred for supervision by a Pretrial Services Program, who, as allowed by Statute, may include phone and office contact, substance testing, mental health treatment, Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM), Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), or Work Release.

For those Defendants who do have pre-trial supervision ordered as a condition of their bond, Pretrial Case Managers in the SUPERVISION UNIT provide appropriate levels of supervision and monitoring throughout the Court proceedings until final disposition of the case and release of their bond. Supervision levels can range from once a week telephone contact to weekly face to face meetings, along with any monitoring required. This supervision minimizes risk to the community while allowing more Defendants to be released from custody to continue working, participating in the preparation of their defense, supporting their families, paying taxes, meeting their other financial responsibilities, and appearing for all Court proceedings. The Pretrial Case Manager monitors compliance with the Court's orders through contact with collateral agencies and reports areas of concern to the Courts.

Mental Health Intervention Pretrial Supervision (MHIPS)

The MHIPS Program is a specialized unit within Pretrial Services that provides an alternative to pretrial incarceration for defendants with mental illness. To assist in identifying defendants who could benefit from a MHIPS referral, the Pretrial Services Intake Unit completes a Mental Health Questionnaire for each arrestee interviewed. If identified as benefiting from MHIPS services and, if ordered to Pretrial Supervision, the Defendant is offered the opportunity to voluntarily participate in the MHIPS Program. If they choose to participate, a further assessment will be completed and appropriate referrals made. The Defendants who volunteer for this special program are placed on the MHIPS caseload with a Court Services Specialist who is a Master's level Social Worker who has specialized Case Manager experience with mental health clients and who is a member of the Mental Health Treatment Team. In addition to monitoring compliance with the conditions of bond, this Program can provide participants with entry into continuing mental health care, assistance in securing stable housing and access to needed medications.

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