Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Mission Statement

The mission of the Alternative Sentencing Department is to provide for community safety, facility security and the welfare of staff and Offenders. The effective operation of the Alternative Sentencing Programs is dependent on highly motivated, well-trained staff that continually strives to improve their individual job performances and increase their knowledge of their areas of responsibility. To encourage professional growth, staff is provided with group and individualized training. To facilitate the effective operation of these programs, staff is encouraged to actively contribute to management decisions through regular staff meetings that are designed to promote problem solving and to propose improvements. Such contributions are essential to the successful operation of the Alternative Sentencing Department.

The primary function of the Alternative Sentencing Department is to provide programs that allow offenders to serve their court ordered jail sentences while continuing to be productive members of their community. These programs are in place to benefit non-profit and tax-supported agencies. The department is comprised of six programs: Pretrial Services, Community Service, Workenders, Midweeks, Work Release, and Electronic Home Detention.

Pretrial Services is a two part process. Pretrial Intake staff ensures the courts get the information they need to make bonding decisions and Pretrial Supervision staff case manage defendants on pretrial release and communicate their compliance to the courts. The Community Service program assigns sentenced individuals a specified number of hours of work for non-profit or tax supported agencies and reports their compliance to the courts. The Workender/Midweek programs provide work to non-profit agencies by using work crews of sentenced offenders. The Work Release program allows offenders to maintain employment and comply with court ordered programs while serving their sentence as a resident in our facility. The Electronic Home Detention program operates on a similar basis to Work Release. Home Detention offenders must remain in their homes when not at an authorized activity. Frequent home and job checks are completed by staff to ensure compliance with the Electronic Home Detention program requirements.

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