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Gas Line Permit And Inspection On Modular/Mobile Homes

The following items are required for gas line permits and inspections:

  • Apply and pay for a gas line permit.
  • Acquire a pressure gauge and air pump, then test the gas line with 10 pounds of pressure and make sure it holds pressure for 15 minutes.
  • Schedule an inspection. Call the inspection request line at 970-498-7697 or schedule it on line through the Permit Fast Track system located on the Building Department Home Page. Note: You must have your permit number to schedule an inspection. Inspection requests confirmed prior to 8:00 am will be conducted that working day; calls confirmed after 8:00 am will be done the following business day.
  • The day of your inspection:
    • tape the inspection card on the outside of your home door,
    • make sure your address numbers are up on your home or at a driveway entrance, and
    • make sure the gas line pressure is exactly 10 pounds - no more and no less.
  • After the gas line passess inspection, call your gas provider and request a gas meter to be set.
  • If the gas line test fails, check for leaks by spraying soapy water over the fittings with the air pressure still on. Bubbles will appear around leaking fittings. Repair leaks and call the Building Department at 970-498-7700 for a re-inspection.

Note: If the inspection fails more than once, the homeowner or contractor is subject to a $40 re-inspection fee.

Please be advised - Gas line applications and inspections inside a mobile home park are handled via the MHIP program administered by the Division of Housing with the State of Colorado.

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