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Letter of Completion

When is a Letter of Completion issued instead of a C.O.? Examples:

  1. Cabins.
  2. Accessory structures, such as barns, sheds, & detached garages.
  3. Minor residential alterations & additions, such as, garages, porches, decks, sunrooms and small additions.
  4. Minor additions or alterations of a commercial building.
  5. Shell buildings.

What steps are required to obtain a Letter of Completion?

  1. Need to obtain a final approval from all agencies that approved the permit.
  2. Meet all conditions of approval of the permit. Conditions of approval are printed on your new Building Permits and on the back of the permit card.
  3. Bring in permit card showing all approvals, proof that all conditions are met, and request a Letter of Completion.
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