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2004 Citizen Survey Results

As part of a commitment to the budget process, the Board of Larimer County Commissioners periodically surveys citizens to find out what citizens think about county services. The Commissioners use the results to help them make funding decisions about services during the budget process. This is the second citizen survey since that commitment was made. The questions asked in this new 2004 survey are linked to the 2002 survey questions to provide some comparison. This mail-in survey was conducted by an independent researcher, 503 residents responded, giving a statistical error rate of approximately +/- 3%.

In addition to questions about services, we asked citizens a few demographic questions. Some of the overview results are:

  • Across gender, income, and length of time people have lived in Larimer County the results are pretty much the same. There just aren't huge differences in results based on these demographic factors. Survey respondents reflected a balanced geographic representation of the county and a balanced dynamic of those living inside and outside of city limits.
  • As was the case in 2002, citizens think the county is doing a very good job in providing and delivering the services they find most important. These services fall into the general category of personal safety and health issues. Also, as was the case in 2002, citizens believe there are several Human Services that warrant more attention.
  • We also linked services to three dimensions: Great Place to Live, General Safety, and Helps Overcome barriers. Citizens rated public safety services the top two issues in Great Place to Live and Open Lands and Recreation as third in that dimension. While all three are at the top and are important, the result of this analysis just reiterates how important public safety is to Larimer County citizens.

Citizen Survey Questionnaire
Citizen Survey Results

In addition to surveying the public about county services, the Commissioners conducted a survey of county departments to gain the same information about internal support services that county departments provide to line departments who serve the public.

Internal Services Survey Questionnaire
Internal Services Survey Results

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