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Youth Council Meeting                       

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 – 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm – Colorado State University – Rockwell Hall, Room 119

·  Present: Judy Brobst, Jerri Howe, Fawn Leaf, Jim Neubecker, Laura Lee Olson, Pranaya Sathe, Marija Weeden-Osborn, Kathi Wright, Deb Callies, Adam Crowe, Lesley Deason, Kathy Dotson, Stephanie Frisinger, Monica Gingerich, Rachel Greiner, Mark Johnston,Nicole Surber, and Lori Zuccolin

·  Absent: Bradley Bauum, Roger Boettcher, Cindy Bower, Tiffany Breckenridge, Cindy Cindrich, Kris Cord, Damond Dotson, Angie Dowdy, Cheryl Duke, Kathy Gaasvig, Betsey Hale, Kathy Hanson, Luke Margheim, Yvonne Myers, Kathy Olson, Miki Roth, Matt Segovia, Terra Theibaut, Andrew Minor, and Tanya Perry.

Agenda Topic



1.   Call to Order

·  Roll Call

·  Review of Agenda

·  Attendance taken

·  Agenda approve

2.   Consent Calendar

·  Approval of May Minutes

·  Approved

3.   Updates

·  Ad-Hoc Committee Update


·  Community Services Block Grant








·  Youth Driven Sub-Committee of Youth Council



·  LCWC PY’2011Budget


·  Marketing Update



·  Monthly Calendar of Activities

















·  Youth Programming Updates

·  A revised version of the By-Laws will be recommended by the sub-committee to the Council for further adoption at the July 28 meeting.

·  Monica Gingerich gave an update on a Community Block Grant awarded to the LCWC Youth Team for an Internship Program.  We will partner with the Matthews House to find 7- 15 eligible youth, ages 16-21, for internships.  Monica presented a handout with further details (attached).

·  Jerri Howe also shared that the Matthews House has been granted 50 Family Unification Program (FUP) Vouchers.  Anyone with recommendations for families who may qualified are asked to contact Jerri Howe.

·  Nicole Surber announced that we will be seeking 7-15 youth to become an advisory sub-committee of the Youth Council.  These youth will give feedback and provide recommendations to the Council from the perspective of our youth participants

·  Mark Johnston informed the Council that the WIB has approved the PY’2011 Budget.  It will be presented to the Council at the July meeting.

·  Stephanie Frisinger gave an update on her efforts to assist the Youth Team in Marketing to youth.  She is working with the team to update our website and to identify new marketing methods.

·  Mark Johnston presented the proposed calendar of events to the group and asked for further input and recommendations. (a list of previous recommendation is attached to these minutes for reference.)

·  Kathi Wright with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Larimer County brought out two events they are involved with.  She will forward info to Lori to be sent on to the Council

o   STEM Camp for Girls – 2 - 2 week camps for 20 girls (each site) grades 4, 5, and 6

§   Sponsored by AMD

§   July 11-15 in Fort Collins at 1608 Lancer (graduation on July 15 – all members invited)

§   July 18-22 in Loveland at 2500 E. 1st Street (graduation on July 22 – all members invited)

o   Day for Kids

§   September 17

§   Promenade Shoppes at Cennterra

·  Further discussion will take place at the July meeting

·  Updates were tabled due to time constraints.

Youth Council Meetings:











Loveland Chamber of Commerce (I-25 & Hwy 34)

8:00 am - 9:30 am




Fort Collins


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm





Loveland Chamber of Commerce (I-25 & Hwy 34)

8:00 am - 9:30 am




Fort Collins


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


No Meeting




Fort Collins


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Full WIB Meetings: IME




Fort Collins

Hearing Room 1st Floor

7:45 am - 9:00 am





Community Location

7:45 am - 9:00 am




Fort Collins

Hearing Room 1st Floor

7:45 am - 9:00 am


Calendar of Activities Ideas from April 26, 2011 Minutes


·  Ideas from Kathy Olson:

o  Job shadowing

o  Obtaining internships

o  Soft skills presentations in all high schools

o  Career Xpo at RMHS

o  Career Day at TSD

o  Entrepreneurship

·  Ideas from the group

o  Alternative Spring Break (March with United Way)

o  Building a resume through volunteering

o  National Volunteer Month (April with United Way)

o  Make a Difference Day (October with United Way)

o  Global Youth Service Day (April with United Way)

o  Healthy Life Habits – Work/Life Balance

o  Financial literacy

o  Vocations/Alternatives to college

o  SECTRS – Emerging occupations (target different SECTR each month)

o  Career Road Trips

o  Train-the-Trainer (for teachers)

o  Parental/Guardian Tools

o  Marketing (Youth, Council, Employers, etc)

o  Business education in hiring youth

·  Need to be sure to address ALL youth

o  Traditional students

o  On-line students

o  Home-schooled students

o   Charter School students

o  Drop-Outs




Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)

Internship Program

What am I applying for?

The Larimer County Workforce Center’s Youth Services team is partnering up with the Department of Human Services to provide eligible and willing youth ages 16-21 with the opportunity to apply for and participate in a paid internship to assist participants on the road to self-sufficiency. As a program participant, youth will have the opportunity to be placed in a 6-month long paid internship with a Larimer County business. The wage is set at $9.00 per hour, between 30-40 hours per week. Internship sites will vary depending on the participant’s career interest and abilities.


What makes me eligible?

The CSB grant has certain eligibility criteria attached to it. Therefore, participants must meet the following criteria:

ü  Between the ages of 16-21

ü  Eligible to work in the United States

ü  Interest and ability to complete to the entirety of the 6 month program (must have plans to remain in Larimer County for the duration of the internship)

ü  Annual household income is at or below %125 of poverty guidelines (we can help you figure this out!)


What do I have to do?

We want to make sure that each participant is prepared for the professional world of work. Each applicant must commit to a Workforce Center workshop July 6th from 9am-4pm at the Matthews House which will include career exploration (to help find a great internship site for you), resume building, interviewing, and soft skills training. During this session, we will also be completing hiring paperwork as well as collecting eligibility documents.


What do I need to bring with me for eligibility & hiring paperwork?

Please bring the following documents with you to the workshop:

  State issued ID card or driver’s license

  Social Security Card

  Proof of residency in Larimer County any of the following:

-   This could be your ID if your address is current

-   Piece of mail you’ve received at your address

-   Statement from person you are currently staying with

  Income verification

-   Most recent pay stubs

-   Independent Living Stipend letter stating how much/how long received (if applicable)

If you’re parenting:

  Child’s birth certificate


If you’re living with family, we may need to collect additional info showing family size & income


Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.