Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson
Larimer County Workforce Investment Board
December 11, 2013 – 7:45 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
Larimer County Courthouse 200 West Oak Street – Hearing Room 1st Floor

  1. Call to Order (Mike Reiff)
    • Roll call
    • WIB MemberPresent/Absent
      Michele ChristensenAbsent
      Cynthia ChristiePresent
      Alan CohenPresent
      Al DillAbsent
      Robin FallonPresent
      Lew GaiterAbsent
      Betsey HaleAbsent
      Kathy HansonPresent
      Ann HutchisonPresent
      SeonAh KendallPresent
      Heather LelchookAbsent
      Eric LeftwichPresent
      Varo MaldonadoPresent
      Richard MartinezPresent
      Tracy MeadPresent
      Gregg MeisingerPresent
      Yvonne MyersAbsent
      Jim NeubeckerPresent
      Tracy OldemeyerAbsent
      Kathy OlsonAbsent
      Nancy PattonPresent
      Kelly PetersAbsent
      Rob PhillipsAbsent
      Geniphyr Ponce-PorePresent
      Mike ReiffPresent
      Miki RothAbsent
      Ed RutherfordPresent
      Jeffrey SmithPresent
      Deb SpottsPresent
      Carol SteinbockPresent
      Jerry ThurberPresent
      Lynn VoslerPresent
      Kathi WrightAbsent
      Julie ZinnPresent
      CDLE, Guests, Staff, Youth Council
      and Ex-Officio Members Present
      Mary Kay Hyde-BohnGuest
      Teri BrogdonGuest
      Jacob CastilloStaff
      Cheryl DeGraveStaff
      William DowlingCDLE
      Mackenzie FogelsonGuest
      Kate FlatteryStaff
      Joni FriedmanStaff
      Jean K. GreuelYouth Council
      Sam HoughtelingGuest
      Lucinda KerschensteinerGuest
      Pam ShaddockGuest
      Cynthia SmeraskiGuest
      James ThompsonGuest
      Mark WeaverGuest
    • Review agenda
    • Public comment on topics not on the agenda
      There were no public comments or changes to the agenda
  2. Consent Calendar (Mike Reiff)
    • Approval of October 9, 2013 Minutes *Vote*
      The notes from the October 9, 2013 meeting were unanimously approved after a motion from Jim Neubecker that was seconded by SeonAh Kendall.
  3. 2014 Election of Officers (Mike Reiff)
    • Presentation of Nominations
    • Candidate Statements
    • Election of Officers *Vote*
      Mike reviewed the slate of nominations presented for 2014 WIB Officers:
      • Mike Reiff, Co-chair
      • Nancy Patton, Co-chair
      • Jerry Thurber, Chair Elect
      • Tracy Mead, Secretary/Treasurer
      • Kathi Wright, Youth Council Chair
      There were neither additional nominations nor candidate statements. Jim made a motion to approve the slate of nominations, Eric seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.
  4. Building WF 2020: Community Collaboration Framework (Mackenzie Fogelson)

    Mackenzie Fogelson, CEO of Mack Web Solutions, spoke about online community building. Community building is an ongoing process that is about relationships both off and online. Mackenzie encouraged the WIB to focus primarily on our goals, not the tools.

    The action steps Mackenzie recommends to build a community are
    • Goals
    • KPIs
    • Strategy
    • Execution
    • Analysis
    Mack Web Solutions has a free guide to building online communities that is available on their website.

  5. Legislative Update (Congressman Polis)

    Congressman Polis joined the meeting via Skype. He updated the WIB on the current state of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and the Farm Bill, discussed sequestration impacts and announced that a budget agreement had been reached. He asked the WIB to keep him informed of local workforce needs.

    James Thompson, from Senator Michael Bennet’s office, updated the WIB on the Senator’s efforts to pass reauthorization for the Workforce Investment Act and handed out a guide on hiring veterans.

    The WIB will invite other representatives to upcoming meetings.

  6. WF 2020 Next Steps (Jerry Thurber)

    The TED style career videos are in the works. The Workforce Center is considering hiring a project manager to help move WF 2020 forward. The February WIB meeting will focus on upward mobility and leadership.

  7. Larimer County: Life After the Flood (Jacob Castillo and Adam Crowe)

    The September 2013 flooding was one of the worse natural disasters in County history. The BOCC made a video on the recovery process. Adam updated the WIB on some of the business and job seeker assistance available to those impacted by the flood.

  8. Employment & Training Director, CO Dept. of Labor and Employ. (William Dowling)

    William Dowling, Employment and Training Director, with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, thanked everyone for their work and dedication serving on the WIB. CDLE is working hard to make sure businesses are receiving the flood relief they need. He is hopeful that the Workforce Investment Act will be reauthorized this year.

  9. Adjourn
Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.