Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson
Larimer County Workforce Investment Board
August 14, 2013 – 7:45 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
Larimer County Courthouse 200 West Oak Street – Hearing Room 1st Floor

  1. Call to Order (Mike Reiff)
    • Roll call
    • WIB MemberPresent/Absent
      Michele ChristensenAbsent
      Cynthia ChristieAbsent
      Alan CohenPresent
      Al DillAbsent
      Robin FallonPresent
      Lew GaiterAbsent
      Betsey HaleAbsent
      Kathy HansonAbsent
      Ann HutchisonPresent
      SeonAh KendallPresent
      Heather LelchookPresent
      Eric LeftwichPresent
      Varo MaldonadoPresent
      Richard MartinezPresent
      Tracy MeadAbsent
      Gregg MeisingerPresent
      Yvonne MyersAbsent
      Jim NeubeckerPresent
      Tracy OldemeyerPresent
      Kathy OlsonAbsent
      Nancy PattonPresent
      Kelly PetersAbsent
      Rob PhillipsPresent
      Geniphyr Ponce-PorePresent
      Mike ReiffPresent
      Miki RothAbsent
      Ed RutherfordPresent
      Jeffrey SmithPresent
      Deb SpottsAbsent
      Carol SteinbockAbsent
      Kory StolteAbsent
      Jerry ThurberPresent
      Lynn VoslerPresent
      Kathi WrightAbsent
      Julie ZinnAbsent
      CDLE, Guests, Staff, Youth Council
      and Ex-Officio Members Present
      Mary Kay Hyde BohnGuest
      Holly CarrollGuest
      Jacob CastilloStaff
      Danielle ClarkGuest
      Kim DaleGuest
      Cheryl DeGraveStaff
      Carol EikleberryGuest
      Joni FriedmanStaff
      Jamie GrimGuest
      Mark JohnstonStaff
      Lori JuszakYouth Council
      Jody MargheimYouth Council
      Linda MurphyGuest
      Nicole SurberStaff
      Mark WeaverGuest
    • Review agenda
    • Public comment on topics not on the agenda
  2. Consent Calendar (Mike Reiff)
    • Approval of June 12, 2013 Minutes *Vote*
      The minutes were unanimously approved as written after a motion from Robin which was seconded by Eric.
  3. Sector Partnership Update (Jacob Castillo)

    Jacob provided some background information on both the healthcare and advanced manufacturing sector partnerships. The healthcare partnership has met with industry leaders to discuss challenges and opportunities. Healthcare sub-committees are working on action items and the larger group will meet again in September. The advanced manufacturing sector partnership will follow a similar model.

  4. Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) in Larimer County (Joni Friedman)

    The Colorado Workforce Development Council is planning on holding their October meeting in Fort Collins. Details, including the date, are still being finalized. Mike, Jerry and Jacob may present on the WF 2020 initiative.

  5. Update on Workforce 2020 Related Events (Jacob Castillo)
    • Workforce Symposium
    • Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce Future of Jobs Update

    • The WIB sponsored Workforce Symposium, formerly September Symposium, has been modified this year with fresh relevant content. Jerry Thurber will be a presenter. Jacob invited everyone to attend. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit
      The Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce Future of Jobs event was held July 31, 2013. The summit had great speakers who provided a plethora of valuable information, all of which can be accessed at the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce website.
  6. Workforce 2020 (Jerry Thurber and Jacob Castillo)
    • Ignite Presentation
    • Mission of WF2020
    • Stem Highlights: recap of committee meeting
    • WF2020 Approach
      • WIB- Review concepts (big picture)
      • WF2020 Team: Framework development
      • Special Committees: Define and execute tasks
    • WIB’s Responsibility
    • Next Steps

      Jerry shared his ignite presentation, developed for the Future of Jobs Summit, which includes a brief background on our areas of focus and the WF 2020 initiative.

      The June WIB meeting featured a wonderful STEM panel discussion with industry and education representatives, who are working together more than ever before. We want to continue creating a dialogue that contributes to and advances the ideas and concepts of our focus areas. With that in mind Jerry strongly encouraged everyone to invite interested, engaged guests to the October meeting focusing on middle skills and the December meeting focusing on upward mobility.

      During the July committee meeting information from the STEM panel was reviewed; some action items were created and the WF 2020 concept was advanced.

      The mission of WF 2020 was reviewed. It will be refined as we move forward.
      The goal of WF 2020 is not to solve the problems related to STEM, middle skills and upward mobility, but to improve the chances for current activities to succeed. The WIB will accomplish this through its role in convening key players, developing information resources, and improving coordination and collaboration.
  7. Youth Council Update (Mark Johnston)

    The Youth Council is a mandatory sub-committee of the WIB. The agenda for the next youth council meeting will focus on brainstorming ways to target youth in poverty with barriers to employment. The Workforce Center has programs that wrap services around participants including: case management, career counseling, internships and training & education assistance. Mark would like to strengthen partnerships with providers who may assist youth in poverty and asked WIB members to contact him to collaborate on outreach efforts.

  8. WIB Next Steps (Jacob Castillo)

    The September committee meeting will focus on preparing a great panel discussion on middle skills for the October 9, 2013 WIB meeting. Please contact Jacob, Jerry or Mike if you would like to join the WF 2020 planning committee.

  9. Other (Jerry Thurber)
    • WIB labor representative needed
    • September committee meeting change of date

      The WIB is required to have a labor/union representative. Our union representative has moved out of state so we are in need of a replacement. Please contact Jacob or Mike if you know a union member interested in serving on the WIB.

      The September committee meeting has been rescheduled to September 4, 2013. The original date, September 11, 2013 is the day of September Symposium.

      The Board of County Commissioners is very interested in updating the community on economic health and vitality issues and initiatives. Today they will videotape a small portion of the board meeting for use in promoting serving on advisory boards.
  10. Adjourn
Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.