Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson


Larimer County Workforce Investment Board

August 8, 2012 – 7:45 am to 9:30 am

Larimer County Courthouse 200 West Oak Street – Hearing Room 1st Floor

A.    Call to Order  (Mike Reiff)                                                                                                                                 (7:45 - 7:50)

1.   Roll Call

WIB Members



Guests, Staff, Youth Council and Ex-Officio Members Present

Joshua Birks



Robert Bishop

Flood & Peterson

Bradley Buum



Deb Callies


Cynthia Christie



Michele Christensen


Al Dill



Mary Cook


Robin Fallon



Adam Crowe


Betsey Hale



Cheryl DeGrave


Kathy Hanson



Joni Friedman


Ann Hutchison



Lew Gaiter


Heather Lelchook



Ella Gifford-Hawkins


Ryan Lennartson



Gary Horvath


Richard Martinez



Fawn Leaf

Youth Council

Tracy Mead



Catherine MacGowan


Gregg Meisinger



Jody Margheim

Poudre School District

Yvonne Myers



Barbara McBride


Jim Neubecker



Deborah Moeck


Tracy Oldemeyer



Linda Murphy


Kathy Olson



Ed Pilkington


Nancy Patton



Pranaya Sathe

Youth Council

Kelly Peters



Nicole Surber


Rob Phillips





Geniphyr Ponce-Pore





Mike Reiff





Miki Roth





Ed Rutherford





Jeffrey Smith





Deb Spotts





Carol Steinbock





Eric Stenner





Kory Stolte





Susan Strating





Jerry Thurber





Lynn Vosler





Julie Zinn Patti







2.   Review agenda

3.   Public Comment on topics not on the agenda


B.    Consent Calendar   (Mike Reiff)                                                                                                                     (7:50 - 7:52)

1.   Approval of Minutes  (June 13, 2012) **Vote Required**

The June 13, 2012 minutes were approved as written.

C.    Welcome New WIB Members   (Mike Reiff)                                                                                                (7:52 - 8:00)

Mike introduced the four new WIB members:

·  Robin Fallon, Center Partners

·  Tracy Oldemeyer, Cline, Williams, Wright, Johnson & Oldfather, LLP

·  Nancy Patton, Public Service Credit Union (not present)

·  Deb Spotts, CSU Center for Community Partnerships

D.    Business Development Manager Position Update (Joni Friedman)                                                  (8:00  - 8:05)

The Business Development Manager position, recently vacated by Kathy Dotson,

has been separated into two positions, a Business Development Manager to
lead the  internal Business Development Team and a WIB Liaison and Enterprise Zone
Administrator.  Adam Crowe has accepted the Business Development Manager

position.   Joni shared the key functions of the WIB Liaison position, which will be
posted in the next few weeks, and asked everyone to refer qualified applicants.

Applications can be submitted at

E.    Get Into Water Grant Update  (Mary Cook, Workforce Center)                                                             (8:05 – 8:10)

Mary Cook shared an overview of the Get Into Water Grant.    The grant provides free
training for people interested in careers in the water industry.


F.    Youth Council Updates  (Nicole Surber, Workforce Center)                                                                    (8:10 – 8:15)


Nicole Surber gave an update on Youth Council activities including the possibility
of a youth summit. 
The model for the youth summit is still being discussed but it may
include opportunities for youth to compete for short term internship or job shadowing

G.    WIB Areas of Focus  (Mike Reiff and Joni Friedman)                                                                                 (8:15 – 9:25)

1.    Support and train for middle skill occupations

2.    Build math and science skills

3.   Leadership and upward mobility training

    i.   What’s happening now?  Existing Workforce Center Initiatives  

    ii.   Small Group Discussion  - Next Steps

·  How can the WIB best address the focus areas?  Should the WIB support existing Workforce Center initiatives and help them grow or work on the focus areas in a different way? 

    iii.   Proposed outcomes

    iv.   Report out to group

Joni provided background data on how we arrived at our areas of focus for 2012 -2013 and reviewed the WIB mission and strategic objectives.   She shared information on some current Workforce Center and community initiatives pertaining to the focus areas.  Three groups were formed to discuss:  How can the WIB best address the focus areas?  Should the WIB support existing Workforce Center initiatives and help them grow or work on the focus areas in a different way?  The sub-committee chairs, and others interested, are invited to attend the Executive Committee meeting on September 4, 2012 from 1:00 – 2:30 at the Larimer County Courthouse to review proposed outcomes, determine priorities and assign tasks.

Please see below for the flip chart notes from each group. 


H.    Other                                                                                                                                                                    (9:25 - 9:30)


Rob Phillips shared that the advocacy sub-committee recently met and would like to change the
name of the group from advocacy to outreach, no decision has been reached.   More members are needed on the committee, please contact Rob is you are interested in joining. 


I.    Adjourn               


Next Meeting:

October 10, 2012 from 7:45 – 9:30 am at the Larimer County Courthouse (200 W. Oak Street) 1st floor Hearing Room.



August 8, 2012 WIB Small Group Discussion

WIB Areas of Focus – Flip Chart Notes


Leadership & Upward Mobility


Recommendations to the Executive Committee:


ü  Leadership & Upward Mobility is a large category.  Three “buckets” were identified:

o  Youth soft skills, professionalism, and career preparation

o  Mid-career professionals; transitioning from Individual Contributor to Manager of People or Projects

o  Organizational Leadership and Long-Term Success- COO / CEO

ü  Our preference is to support, strengthen, or enhance one or more initiatives that already exist; however, we feel we need a more complete understanding of all initiatives before doing that.
(Examples: LCWC, CSU, FRCC, SAGE Advisors, Innosphere, MSEC, PSD, SBDC, etc.)

ü  Would like to perform a community-wide inventory of all existing initiatives and services available.  

o  Do businesses know what exists and is it accessible?

o  Is the curriculum effective?

o  Is funding needed to prolong initiatives?

o  Cohesive or scattered?

ü  When inventory complete, have Gaps been identified?

o  May consider launching new initiative at that time; for example, partner with FRCC to develop new program / curriculum.

ü  When appropriate, initiate effort to connect businesses to available resources. 


Other considerations:

ü  Offer platform for multiple small businesses to participate in trainings together (economies of scale- small business often cannot afford leadership consulting services & training)

ü  It was noted that the September Symposium has been canceled while that is an opportunity for leadership training

ü  Don’t underestimate the importance of investing in mid-management to achieve long-term company goals- critical yet often over looked. (CEO/COO)

ü  Want to make sure we are solving the right problem and playing the appropriate “WIB” role in the process

ü  Some discussion around SAGE advisors and are they teaching the right information?  Perhaps a “train the mentor” initiative is needed


Building Math & Science Skills


Recommendations to the Executive Committee:


  1. Implement math and science curriculum into internships

·  Target groups

-  K-12 school                               -   Post secondary                             - Adult and youth workforce

  1. Identify community resource for remedial math (and other STEM programs that already exist)
  2. Connect business tour to related math class such as the Adams County 9-5 program



Support and Train for Middle School Occupations

Recommendations to the Executive Committee:

ü  Develop a marketing program to promote middle skill employment opportunities.


·  Job Information

-   What are the jobs?

-   What do they do?

-   What are the current opportunities?

-   What is the outlook for the future?

-   What is the income potential?


·  Training/Skills

- What are the educational requirements?

-   What are the required skills?

-   What occupations possess skills that are easily transferred

-   Career ladders


·  Partners will be:

-   Schools  / Career and Tech Education Programs

-   Employers

-   Veteran’s Administration

-   SBDC


·  Promote to the community! 

–   Businesses

–   Youth

–   Parents

–   Schools

–   Women


Identify and Measure Outcomes


Other ideas discussed:

·  School/Business Partnerships

–  Work with schools to offer classes as an intro to these occupations and then partner with businesses to provide internship opportunities at completion of the class.

·  Offer a Power / Utilities training program similar to Get into Water.

–  Partner with schools.

·  Utility Infrastructure Academy - A project currently in California of an academy that offers training and education opportunities involving utilities, power, water, etc.

·  Promote to Veterans

–   Current opportunities offered by workforce centers

–  Transferable skills

·  Offer Certifications/Licenses based on current/transferable skills to Veterans

–  Fill the gaps by utilizing military skills sets

·  Apply for a grant to provide computer training

–   Software Interaction

–   Programming


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