Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson


Larimer County Workforce Investment Board

April 11, 2012 – 7:45 am to 9:30 am

Larimer County Courthouse 200 West Oak Street – Hearing Room 1st Floor

A.    Call to Order  (Yvonne Myers)                                                                                                                         (7:45 - 7:50)

1.   Roll Call

WIB Members



Guests, Ex-Officio Members and Staff  Present

Joshua Birks



Mona Barnes


Bradley Buum



Robert Bishop

Flood & Peterson

Cynthia Christie



Mary Cook


Al Dill



Adam Crowe


Kathy Gilliland



Cheryl DeGrave


Betsey Hale



Kathy Dotson


Kathy Hanson



Robin Fallon

Center Partners

Ann Hutchison



Ella Gifford-Hawkins


Heather Lelchook



Gerry Horak

City Council Ft. Collins

Ryan Lennartson



Mark Johnston


Anne Macdonald



Collette MacFarlene

SOS Staffing

Richard Martinez



Catherine MacGowan


Tracy Mead



Jody Margheim


Gregg Meisinger



Sandy Powell


Yvonne Myers



Jackie Tuck


Jim Neubecker





Jo Dawn Newlon





Kathy Olson





Kelly Peters





Rob Phillips





Geniphyr Ponce-Pore





Mike Reiff





Miki Roth





Ed Rutherford





Cathy Schelly





Jeffrey Smith





Carol Steinbock





Eric Stenner





Kory Stolte





Susan Strating





Lynn Vosler





Jerry Thurber





Marija Weeden-Osborn





Julie Zinn Patti






2.   Review agenda

3.   Public Comment on topics not on the agenda


B.    Consent Calendar (Yvonne Myers)                                                                                                             (7:50 – 7:52)

1.    Approval of Minutes (February 8, 2012)
Minutes were approved as written. 


C.    Youth Council Introductions and Updates (Kathy Olson & Mark Johnston)                                               (7:52 – 8:00)
The Youth Council is a legally required sub-committee of the WIB.  We’ll be working

to integrate the Youth Council with the WIB.  Beginning with the June 13, 2012

meeting a portion of every agenda will be dedicated to Youth Council initiatives.
Youth Council will continue to meet during off WIB months. 

D.    WIB Membership (Yvonne Myers)                                                                                                              (8:00 – 8:02)
Yvonne reminded WIB members with a term expiring June 30, 2012 to
reapply for the board.

E.    WIA Policy Change **Vote Required** (Mark Johnston)                                                                     (8:02 - 8:07)
1.  Policy Revision -  WIA Follow-up Policy (policy #03-110)

2.  New Policy – Data Quality and Program Integrity (policy #03-111)

Mark reviewed the policies.  The WIB voted unanimously to approve both
the New Data Quality & Program Integrity policy and the revised WIA follow-up
Policy as written. 

F.    Treasurer’s Report **Vote Required** (Tracy Mead)                                                                            (8:07 – 8:15)

1.   Treasurer’s Report

2.   Proposed policy for utilizing and tracking WIB funds

Tracy Mead presented the first Larimer County WIB Treasurer’s Report.   The WIB
has a cash balance of $11,570.95.  Members of the WIB requested that Tracy provide a
complete financial report on the summit, including in-kind services and donations. 

The Treasurer’s Report was approved as written. 

Tracy shared a draft policy for utilizing and tracking WIB funds.    Kathy D will send the policy

and form to WIB members for review and feedback.  A final version will be presented at the
June 13, 2012 WIB meeting for approval. 

WIB Summit         (Yvonne Myers)                                                                                                               (8:15– 9:20)         

3.   Review of event and break out comments

4.   Next Steps

5.   Action Items


Yvonne lead a discussion on the summit and attendees ‘aha moments’. 

Please see below for flip chart notes. 


G.    Sector Initiative Updates (Kathy Dotson)                                                                                                (9:20 – 9:25)

1.   Health Care
Lynn Vosler described a grant Front Range Community College received to help
with information technology needs in healthcare.

2.   Machinists
The machinist effort is moving forward.  Limited candidates have been identified locally. 
Next steps will be to concentrate on  training and marketing  for manufacturing careers

3.   Energy Grant
The state-wide energy sector partnership is in its third year and thus far has exceeded all goals. 
Much of training has focused on incumbent workers and as a result has created new positions
within the organizations that received funding.

4.   Get Into Water

Larimer and Weld County partnered to apply for a grant to train and certify around 20 people

in water treatment  careers .


H.    Committee Updates   (Yvonne Myers)                                                                                                      (9:25 – 9:30)        

1.   Partnerships

2.   Focus

3.   Marketing

4.   Advocacy    

5.   Funding


Future committee activities will be mostly determined by summit next steps
and action items established by the WIB.


I.    Adjourn               



WIB Summit – Flip Chart Notes

General Comments and Takeaways:

  • One-third of the jobs in the future will not require higher education - this doesn’t align with current focus (of youth, education, etc)
  • This stat also does not align with  unemployed population (those who struggle most, do not have higher education)
  • College graduates are also struggling to find jobs right out of college.  Do not have marketable skills.
  • Jobs needed don’t match the skills of the unemployed
  • Certifications are important - need to come from business.  The price of the certification should align with the salary of the occupation
  • We need to focus regionally
  • We should connect with other WIB’s
  • We should look at other public or non-public ways to provide skills
  • North Carolina presentation showed the correlation between the business voice/needs and to the WIB’s efforts and solutions - a way to produce results differently
  • We should look at other regions that have similar issues to ours to assist us in problem-solving - why re-invent the wheel.  i.e. highly educated workforce with jobs not requiring higher education
  • Do we need a regional board?
  • Where are the other skill gaps?  The data didn’t drill down far enough.  We should focus on this more
  • Need to look at both short term and long term needs
  • Need more specific data
  • Business saw value in the conversation - how do we gather their input going forward? Survey?
  • Focus on primary employers that will encompass all employers.  Utilize NCEDC/Chamber primary employer survey.  How do we gather this regionally?
  • Need to convene primary employers to understand need and combine with data
  • Education needs/wants to hear from business
  • Local high schools have available interns, need businesses to place them
  • College advisory boards add input but hard to keep business engaged on the boards.  Is there a way to connect these boards with WIB?
  • How do we define our region? Should align efforts with Economic Development
  • Our focus is workforce development vs. jobs (economic development)
  • Align with OEDIT (Office of Economic Development and International Trade) strategic plan.  OEDIT’s regions and identified industry clusters
  • We should reach out to OEDIT to inform them of what we are doing and see what (if any) resources or support they can provide WIB

Action Items:
1. Connect WIB with NCEDC (Kelly Peters is WIB member - include Walt as well)
2. Define region and structure
3. Focus on skill gaps - talk to employers
                -Sector round tables specific to skill gaps
                - Prioritize sectors - immediate needs and emerging trends
                - Look at skill gaps in aging workforce
                - Include demographic shifts
4. Mobilize retirees to capture talent and pair with younger workforce
5. Incorporate youth - K-12 and higher education in our discussions and solutions
6. WIB Speakers Bureau

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.