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September 8, 2011, 1:30-3:30 PM




The meeting was called to order at l:35 PM by Chair Roger Svendsen


Members in Attendance : Susan Bradley, Terry Ferebee, Lon Hughes, Donald Roger, Lucille Schmitt, Roger Svendsen,


Members’ Excused Absences:  All other members had excused absences


Larimer County Representation :  LARCO Senior Planner Rob Helmick


Guests Present: Bud Thomas and Dr. Janice Weixelman


Adoption of Agenda:  The agenda was approved as modified.


Approval of Minutes:  August 11, 2011 meeting notes were approved as corrected


Communications from Committee Members :  Susan Bradley and Terry Ferebee will not apply for another RFLPAC term.


Communications from County Representatives :  The Larimer County Commissioners approved the Curtain Burner.  The only outstanding issues pertaining to Sawmill Junction is satisfying the Larimer County Health Department on some water issues. 


Comments from the Audience:  None


Action item:  None


Updates:  None


Discussion Items:


1.    Curtain Burner:  The PAC adjourned at 2 PM for a field trip to the Slash Solution’s curtain burner.  The attending PAC members thank Slash Solution’s employees for their time and expertise in explaining the operational and safety processes. 


2.    Water and Sewer: The Water and Sewer subcommittee will meet upon completion of field trip to the Curtain Burner.  Attached hereto, are the Water and Sewer subcommittee’s meeting notes of August 24, 2011.


RFLPAC meeting adjourned at 2:00 PM


Submitted by Terry Ferebee




Minutes from RFLPAC Water/Sewer Sub-Committee

Meeting 8/24/11




  • Overview of Sub-Committee Goal
  • Review committee member backgrounds & strengths
  • Review elements of Water Supply Reserve Account Grant Application
  • Attempt to match Grant Application elements to member skills
  • Discuss approaches for tackling grant elements
  • Establish target date for application completion
  • Establish sub-committee meeting schedule
  • Adjourn

The meeting was called to order about 1:10 at the RFL Firehouse. 

Attendees:  Eunice Michalka, Lon Hughes, Lucille Schmidt, Roger Svendsen

Though we were missing several members, we followed the agenda and did the best we could.  Some areas will need to be re-visited when our missing members are present.

We agreed that our immediate goal is to determine whether or not ground water in Red Feather is safe from a human health standpoint.

We next reviewed the background of the members present. 

Lucille –

·  Expert on property rights and associated real estate law

·  Expertise in organizing data

·  In-depth knowledge of local history

·  Good working knowledge of land use regulations

·  Expertise in gathering water samples

·  Strong marketing skills

·  Good people skills

·  Contract administration

Lon –

·  Expertise on property rights

·  Expertise in gathering water samples

·  Understands water discharge issues

·  Good marketing skills

·  Good people skills

·  Experience as a Combat Medic / Operating Room procedures

·  Contract administration


Eunice –

·  Real estate sales w/specialization in new home construction

·  Detail oriented

·  Self-starter

·  Enjoys helping others

·  Property & Auto insurance knowledge

Roger –

·  Mechanical engineering experience

·  Personnel management experience

·  Project Management experience

·  General handyman

·  Some grant writing experience

The Colorado Water Conservation Board, CWCB, oversees a source of funds called the Water Supply Reserve Account, WSRA.  The WSRA is a possible source of funds for our water quality effort.  The grant application requires the following areas to be addressed.

  • Purpose
  • Study Area Description
  • Previous Studies
  • Scope of Work
    • Summary of Project
    • Goals
    • Deliverables
    • Description of Participants
    • Detailed Budget
    • Project Schedule w/Key Milestones

Our purpose is clear and can be written up easily.  The study area was discussed and it was agreed that we should limit the area to the RFL fire district.  (Ed: We should get a map and see where that boundary mates with surrounding areas that have local water supplies.)

There has been a water system study in the past and Terry has pulled out that information.  We believe Terry should be responsible for providing a brief description of that work for the application. 

The work scope was then discussed.  The summary and statement of goals are straight forward and will be left for the grant writer(s).  The deliverable is a document describing water quality in Red Feather and whether or not water safety is a concern.  We addressed water testing.  Three general areas are concerns:  bacteria, metals, & radon.  We did not decide on whether or not we should attempt to evaluate RFL for all three, or just bacteria.  Further discussion is required, especially due to the significant testing cost differences.  Organizations that could provide testing services are:  Larimer County (though via outside county), CSU, Stewart Environmental Labs. 

A description of participants will be assembled with each committee member writing their own short “bio”.  The budget was then discussed.  This will be challenging.  Lon will look into who might perform actual testing for us and the probable associated costs.  Lon will speak with Scott Horack (sp?) from DOW and others as well.  Lucille will speak with Del McNally of RFL to see if any of his family has ideas or expertise.  Eunice will explore how a valid sampling plan could be designed.  The thought of a Grad Student project from CSU is a possibility.  Eunice knows a number of retired CSU professors and will try to get leads from them.  Other sources should also be explored.

The project schedule cannot be addressed at this time.  The sampling plan will dictate the schedule to a degree.  We suspect sampling will need to be performed over several seasons due to water quality variability. 

At this point, we agreed to wrap up this meeting.  We decided to hold the next sub-committee meeting following the regular PAC meeting scheduled for September 8.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted by:

Roger Svendsen





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