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May 1, 2014, 1:30-3:30 PM


Meeting Minutes


Call to Order:   The meeting was called to order by Vice Chairperson Robert Allman at approx. 1:35 pm


Attendees:  Robert Allman, Terri Donnelly, Donald Rogers, Shirley Pfankuch, Lucille Schmitt, Roger Svendsen, Fred Sandal, Ted Carter

Larimer County staff:  Terry Gilbert, Rob Helmick, Eric Fried


Excused Absence:  Lon Hughes, Donald Rogers


Unexplained Absence:  Ross Reid, Roger Clark


Adoption of Agenda:  The agenda was approved by Lucille Schmitt, seconded by Shirley Pfankuch.


Approval of Minutes:  Minutes from April 3, 2014 approved by Lucille Schmitt and Shirley Pfankuch.  Committee notes from members will be collected by Rob Allman to complete the public record for meetings in 2013. 


County Communication Items:  Larimer County staff has been in communication with the new owners of the downtown hardware store to begin the process of obtaining needed permits and county review of code requirements and a site development plan.


The AT&T tower in Crystal Lakes will be improving broadband service to the area soon with the installation of new and larger panels.  AT&T is also looking at another tower site in the area.


The US Forest Service as part of its new fire management plan will be closing some roads in the Cherokee Park area, beginning May 15.  More information can be found on the Forest Service web site.


Discussion of County Building Codes:  Eric Fried, chief building official for Larimer County, was introduced and took questions from committee members about county rules and practices relative to building codes.


Lucille Schmitt and Rob Allman expressed concern that forcing property owners to comply with newer codes is a burden to property owners and limits development opportunities for a community that is economically in severe need.  County code requirements also add to property owner’s expenses and hurt home sales.  In response, county staff explained that as a matter of practice, the county has a responsibility to enforce minimum building code standards, though there is some leeway and local conditions matter.  Codes are reviewed annually and updated every three years to meet public health and safety needs and this also helps ensure affordable insurance rates.  Changing building standards only apply if the use has changed.  If an addition to an existing structure is made, only that addition needs to be brought up to code.


Rob Allman said that he understands that building codes change, but that the community needs to understand why.  Eric Fried responded that he will always explain the intent of the code.  County staff said that exceptions can be granted and that there is often the ability to come to a reasonable compromise. 


Lucille said another issue is that for some properties, past permits may be lost and inspections may not have been performed because the inspector never showed up, though the requirements have been met by the property owner.  Until rule changes in 1988, inspections were not required.  Terry Gilbert responded that the county understands that these issues occur and will consider all the data in their review.



1.   Community sign – progress report:  Rob Allman said that he would investigate the opportunity to place the community sign on the Quaintance property with Susan Bradley as an alternative to placement on the Barker property and report back to the committee.

2.   Slash Solutions:  Shirley Pfankuch said that due to the high winds, issues with recent repairs and costs, the site won’t take more slash at this time and was unable to say when service may begin this year.


New Business:

Community events: Shirley Pfankuch discussed the need for the Crystal Lakes and Red Feather village community to better coordinate events so that they don’t conflict.  Resources include mailings with events provided by Pat Clemens, events posted on the POA calendar which can be viewed on the POA website, and events being announced through the Next Door social network.


Action Items:

PAC Attendance:  Ross Reid’s inability to attend meetings was discussed.  Bylaws and possible action by the committee to refer the matter to the county was discussed.  A motion was made by Roger Svendsen for the committee chair to request Ross Reid voluntarily submit his resignation in writing no later than Friday, May 9th, or the chair will write a letter to the county commissioners in support of his removal.  Motioned seconded by Shirley Pfankuck and passed by voice vote.


Discussion Items:

1.   East Side Road District:  Fred Sandal said that he is seeking direction on whether opportunities for a road improvement district or other structure to provide improved service needs with the support of property owners should continue to be pursued.  It was noted that Sagerts currently provide service to grade and remove snow on the east side, but rely on volunteer donations.  Lucille Schmitt said that without a road maintenance agreement, it is difficult to underwrite a loan for new home sales.  It was agreed that Fred continue to research these options and seek additional help with the subcommittee from volunteers.

2.   Red Feather Medical Clinic & Doctor:  Dr. Janice Weixelman has had some continuing involvement in this effort.  She has submitted an application to join the PAC.

3.   Water and Sewer Issues:  Rob Allman shared research from the experience of Glacier View Meadows on the costs associated with creating a community wastewater treatment system.  In addition to high startup costs, the GVM system, which serves a population comparable to the village, also required $44,000 for yearly maintenance and overhead.  The ever changing water quality standards are also an issue.  Rob Allman will investigate opportunities for low interest loans and long term financing.  Rob Helmick discussed how a Metro district might be structured with a parent district being the system operator.  Ted Carter said that such a system would need to discharge into the South Lone Pine to provide necessary dilution.  Investigation into options will continue.

4.   Sign Code:  There was discussion about whether the placement of certain signs in the community are permissible, also whether county staff is permitted to remove signs on private property.  Terry Gilbert said that the county can cite the person for a violation of the sign code, but is not allowed to go on private property.  A handout was passed around describing the policy.  Rob Helmick said any questions about county signage and rules should be directed to Bill Gleeforst of the county engineering department.  Rob will ask about removal of the Crystal Lakes restaurant directional sign, as it has closed.

5.   Fox Acres Update:  Ted Carter announced some changes with the Fox Acres community.  Golf operations will continue under a lease arrangement with Touchstone Golf, a management company.  There will also be new opportunities for outside play and use of club facilities.  Ted provided information on who to contact for more information about the new plans for managing the golf club.


Next regular meeting:   June 5, 2014

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.