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March 6, 2014, 1:30-3:30 PM


Meeting Minutes


Call to Order:   The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Lon Hughes at approx. 1:35 pm


Attendees:  Robert Allman, Terri Donnelly, Lon Hughes, Donald Roger, Shirley Pfankuch, Lucille Schmitt, Roger Svendsen, Fred Sandal


Excused Absence:  Ross Reid, Roger Clark


Unexplained Absence:  Ted Carter, Donald Rogers


Adoption of Agenda:  The agenda was approved by Roger Svendsen, seconded by Shirley Pfankuch.



Approval of Minutes:  Minutes from January 9, 2014 approved by Lucille Schmitt and Roger Svendsen.  Rob Helmick requests Committee notes from members to complete the public record for meetings of the PAC held in 2013. 


Communication Items:  Rob Helmick reported that Larimer County is seeing more building permit applications.  County staff is awaiting application requests from the new owners of the Panhandle Hardware store for needed permits. 


Comments from the Audience:  Janice Weixelman is inviting participation in an emergency preparedness forum at Beaver Meadows, sponsored by Larimer County Search and Rescue, scheduled for September 9-11, 2014, intended to provide the community with information to better plan for emergencies.  Terry Gilbert offered help from his department, said the county is updating its hazardous mitigation plan. 


Also attending from the public, Hugh and Paula Collins, for an update on Bald Mountain study.




1.   Community sign – progress report:  Lon Hughes reported on efforts to meet with Gene Barker to discuss requests to use his property for the placement of the Red Feather Lakes sign.  From Barkers email response, it may not be possible to meet and review needs until May.  Rob Helmick said a county survey needs to be done to determine the precise location of the right-of-way before locating a placement of the sign.  Placing it outside of the right-of-way, on the Barker land if possible, is the preferable solution.  Lon will continue to try to make contact with the Barker family to discuss options and Rob H. will talk to County staff.  Community volunteers will build and install the sign and the POA has agreed to own and maintain it. 

2.   Community path finding signs:  Larimer County has approved these directional signs to Village services and they should be installed by county crews soon.

3.   Rural Community Outreach effort:  Terry Gilbert reported that he and his planning staff are continuing to conduct community meetings as part of their rural outreach in developing area plans, to be completed in June.  County staff will evaluate the input and report back.  Opportunities for input and updates are also provided on line from the Larimer County website.

4.   Bald Mountain Communication Update:  The draft EIS from the Forest Service is due in May.  Currently, only public service is intended for the proposed communication facilities.

5.   Slash Solutions:  Shirley Pfankuch said operations for the wood burning beetle kill mitigation may start up soon, as weather permits.  There have been some major repairs, costs, and usage fees for 2014 have been adjusted. 


Discussion of Committee Items:


1.   East Side Road District:  Fred Sandal recently met with Kathay Rennels from the CSU extension office for community development, asking about possible resources to assist with service and planning needs in the village.  CSU Extension has assisted other communities in helping to leverage grants and loans from State and Federal sources.  Assistance from county staff for the process needed to form a new or expanded road improvement district was also suggested.   Once initiated, the process of forming a special district would take a year or more to complete.

2.   Water and Sewer Issues:  Rob Helmick reminded the committee that a study is needed to determine whether drinking water quality in the village is a serious enough issue to be a priority.  Water tests with a representative sample are necessary before determining whether a water and sewer system may be needed.  Outside assistance and funding for such as study should be investigated.  Rob Allman was asked to follow up with a contact from CSU that may be able to assist.  



Determine Agenda for Next Meeting:  The agenda structure and discussion items will be continued for the next meeting, also adding discussion of status for inactive members and committee recruitment needs.


Next regular meeting:   April 3, 2014 @ 1:30 pm

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