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February 9, 2012, 1:30-3:30 PM




The meeting was called to order at 1:35 PM by Chair Roger Svendsen


Roll Call:  Ted Carter, Lon Hughes, Eunice Michalka, Ben Myers, Ross Reid, Donald Roger, Lucille Schmitt, Michael Sledge, Roger Svendsen


Member Excused Absences. Ben Myers, Michael Sledge.  (All others present)


Larimer County Representation: LARCO Senior Planner Rob Helmick,


Guests Present: Terry Ferebee, Mark Sabiers, Jo Yandle


Adoption of Agenda: The agenda was approved as proposed.


Approval of Minutes: January 12 meeting notes were approved as written.  Thanks again to Terry for once again preparing these.  This will be the last time that is required. 


Communications from Committee Members :


While awaiting a formal start to the meeting, Ted Carter read the annual report from the Soaring Eagle Ecology Center efforts of 2011.  In summary, the organization has made tremendous progress, offering many well attended classes and has had fantastic community support.  Soaring Eagle is seeking a number of grants to support 2012 classes and additional programs.  A number of outside groups are taking advantage of the programs.  The 2012 programs will be listed on their web site in March 2012.  (


Comments from the Audience :


Mark Sabiers commented about a serious interest in improving internet service to RFL.  He has his own system outside RFL, however it is not expandable and barely meets his needs. 


Communications from County Representatives :


Rob handed out an article he found about a County in Montana that passed a bond for a sewer-system bond.  It is encouraging.


Bruce Peters, our contact with CenturyLink and Rob spoke in the last month.  CenturyLink has repaired the communication path between RFL and Eagle, which will allow RFL to at least allow us to obtain the 1.5 MIPS that CenturyLink advertises.  He is proposing an improvement to that link, but it is in a preliminary stage ….. less progress than reported last month.  Mark Sabiers commented that it is common for CenturyLink to over-subscribe their service by 25 / 1 or more.  Rob will ask that question to CenturyLink.  Mark believes the best alternative would be for Verizon to upgrade their local tower from 3G to 4G.  Fox Acres has sold their tower lease to Unison.  The link from the tower is hard wired, not transmitted via micro-wave. 


Action Item:


Election of RFLPAC Officers:  Roger noted that Ross Reid has volunteered to continue as Vice-Chair.  After some discussion of the duties of the chair, Lon Hughes volunteered to assume the Chair position.  Rob described a methodology for using a County owned digital recorder in the meetings and downloading the file to someone’s personal laptop.  Roger Svendsen agreed to take the Secretary position.  Motion to nominate this cast made by Lucille, seconded by Eunice.  Passed.


Discussion Items:


1.    Water / Sewer:  Roger reported on some minor progress in obtaining assistance from CSU to conduct a water quality analysis of the RFL area.  Roger reached an Associate Professor named Mike Ronayne who specializes in Ground water/lake interaction.  Mike confirmed that an analysis of the RFL geology is probably the right first step in developing a ground water quality sampling plan.  He said he is very busy, but would be interested in assisting us.  He agreed to speak with other professors about our endeavor and the possible availability of a Masters student to participate.  Funding is required at some level, however an amount is not defined since the scope of work remains unknown.  Roger will continue to communicate with Mike to move this facet of our effort forward.  Funding would probably need to come from grants and Roger commented that the first funds are the most difficult to obtain.  Rob commented that seed money would be needed to pay an attorney and engineer to form a Special Assessment District.  Rob will investigate Larimer funding, however with the jail bond failure, money in the County is extremely tight.  Rob would benefit from a ball park amount needed.  Ross suggested we assemble an initial description of what we need.  Roger said he would discuss this with Mike R. (970-491-0666) from CSU. 

Lucille expressed concern that we should be careful that whatever survey we conduct, that it be valid in the eyes of other organizations that might be involved later in our effort.  It needs to support whatever direction we take when the results are available.  Her concern was acknowledged as valid.  Lucille also pointed out the diversity of wells, etc. that need to be considered, including seasonal variations.  Ross asked about other communities that have tackled this water/sewer concern.  Ted said he would do some investigation.  Other aspects were also discussed including the overall needs and what is really required to assure community sustainability and growth.  Once again, the subject of whether the need for a sewer system is really the primary problem. 

2.   Property Line discussion:  There was no new news in this area.  Rob reviewed the classic problem in RFL where lines do not agree, in some cases by 75 feet.  Eunice pointed out that surveyors are not controlled in such a way that disputes can be appropriately appealed. The State seems to take the approach that they are not responsible.  There is no place to go to appeal disputes with the County.  Eunice is continuing to investigate options and will communicate with the PAC.  There is a serious need for a legal and low cost resolution procedure.

3.   Colorado Enterprise Funds:  Lucille said these funds are not available for starting a new effort, only for improving or remodeling efforts.  Rob will try to follow-up on this item, however priorities may not allow him time in the near future. 

4.   PAC Meeting Schedule:  Roger did not receive any objections to a move our regular meeting time from the second Thursday of each month to the first.  The By-Laws require a 30 day notice before a By-Laws change can be executed.  Rob sent out the proposed change less than 30 days ago.  The Chair can call a special meeting, such as March 1, 2012 and make the required change.  The PAC could then cancel the “second Thursday” meeting.  A motion to hold a special meeting on March 1was made seconded and passed. 

Audience Comments:


Mark reiterated his feeling that improved internet service is dearly needed in RFL and is a serious inhibitor to those working and living in the RFL area.

Mark introduced Jo Yandle who is president of the PTO (Parent Teacher Org) she is very concerned about the loss of RFL families due to low confidence in the elementary school.  She is encouraging others to hold events and do whatever might draw attention to RFL


Lon called attention to the great response by the RFL Volunteer Fire Dept. at a recent auto wreck several weeks ago. 



RFLPAC meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM; Next regular meeting: March 1, 2012


Respectfully Submitted by Roger Svendsen


Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.