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Minutes of May 08, 2013


The Larimer County Planning Commission met in a rescheduled session on Wednesday, May 08, 2013, at 6:30 p.m. in the Hearing Room due to the April 17, 2013 hearing being canceled due to the weather.  Commissioners’ Cox, Dougherty, Jensen, Miller, Wallace, and Zitti were present.  Commissioners Bohling and Gerrard were absent.  Commissioner Glick presided as Chairman.  Also present were Matt Lafferty, Principle Planner, Rob Helmick, Senior Planner, Karin Madson, Planner II, Samantha Mott, Planner II, Terry Gilbert, Planning and Building Services Director, Clint Jones, Engineering Department, and Jill Wilson, Recording Secretary. 


There was not a field trip to the sites.








APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES FOR THE JANUARY 16, 2013 MEETING:   MOTION by Commissioner Cox approve the minutes, seconded by Commissioner Dougherty.  This received unanimous voice approval.







ITEM #1  CSU PINGREE PARK CABINS LOCATION AND EXTENT #13-Z1909:  Mr. Helmick provided background information on the request for new and replacement cabins (16) at the CSU Pingree Park campus.



Commissioner Wallace asked if building permits would be required?


Mr. Helmick replied no but CSU would need to contact the Health Department regarding septic systems.


Commissioner Cox moved that the Planning Commission adopt the following Resolution:


BE IT RESOLVED that the Planning Commission approve the CSU Pingree Park Cabins Location and Extent, file #13-Z1909.


Commissioner Wallace seconded the Motion.


Commissioners’ Cox, Dougherty, Jensen, Miller, Wallace, Zitti and Chairman Glick voted in favor of the Motion.





ITEM #2  AMENDMENTS TO THE LARIMER COUNTY LAND USE CODE #13-CA0129:  Ms. Madson provided background information on the request to make changes to High Park Rebuilding Program , sections 4.1.G (temporary emergency housing), 4.2.D. (temporary emergency accessory structures) and add a section 4.6.D. (setback certification)



Commissioner Cox moved that the Planning Commission adopt the following Resolution:


BE IT RESOLVED that the Planning Commission recommend to the Board of County Commissioners approval of the Amendments to the Larimer County Land Use Code, file #13-CA0130 as follows:


1 .   Modify Section 4.1.G. as follows:

G. A building permit is required for a temporary emergency housing unit, except for Recreational Vehicles (RV) or Membrane Structures used for 180 days or less in a calendar year.  A building permit is required for Recreational Vehicles (RV) or Membrane Structures used for more than 180 days.  The structure must comply with all applicable building, fire, electrical mechanical and related codes.


2 .   Modify Section 4.2.D. as follows:

D. A building permit is required for temporary emergency accessory structures except for Recreational Vehicles (RV) or Membrane Structures used for 180 days or less in a calendar year.  A building permit is required for Recreational Vehicles (RV) or Membrane Structures used for more than 180 days. The structure must be in compliance with all applicable building, fire, electrical, mechanical and related codes.


3.   Add a  Section 4.6.D. as follows:

D. The Planning Director may waive the setback certification requirement for structures within the High Park Fire Rebuilding Program.


Commissioner Zitti seconded the Motion.


Commissioners’ Cox, Dougherty, Jensen, Miller, Wallace, Zitti and Chairman Glick voted in favor of the Motion.





ITEM #3  AMENDMENTS TO THE LARIMER COUNTY LAND USE CODE #13-CA0130:  Ms. Madson provided background information on the request to make housekeeping changes to Land Use Code, sections 18.2.1.D.3. (manufactured home), 18.3.5.E. (recreational vehicle parks), 5.3.2.F., 5.3.7.G.1. (conservation development) , table 12.3.1. (notice of public hearing), 8.6.1. (private local access road),  4.3.1.G. (equestrian operation) and 5.8.6.D.3.e.4. (rural land use process).





Commissioner Cox moved that the Planning Commission adopt the following Resolution:


BE IT RESOLVED that the Planning Commission recommend to the Board of County Commissioners approval of the Amendments to the Larimer County Land Use Code, file #13-CA0129 as follows:


1.    Amend section 18.2.1.D.3. as follows:

Manufactured homes may be used to provide temporary housing for up to 18 months during construction of a principal building. The building permit to place the manufactured home must be issued at the same time as the building permit for the principal building (See section 4.3.9.D).


2.     Amend section 5.3.2.F. as follows:

All residual land must be maintained and remain undeveloped in perpetuity in accordance with appropriate use plan for residual land and/or common area as provided in section 8.10 of this code, except in cooperative planning areas (CPAs) where a conservation development may be an interim development while waiting for full development at urban densities in a GMA district.


3.    Amend section 5.3.7.G.1. as follows:

The color, materials, size, height and lighting of entry features, signs and related structures must be compatible with the proposed development and the maintenance of views of the natural landscape, public parks and open space. Standards for signs are found in section 8.7 10 (signs) of this code.


4.    Change a portion of the table 12.3.1. as follows (under planning commission):

Planning Commission

Published Notice**

APO Notice**

Sign Posted**

Special Review

14 days

N/A 14 days

N/A 14 days


5.    Amend section 18.3.5.E. as follows:

The storage of unoccupied recreational vehicles as an accessory use to a single family dwelling is addressed in section 4.3.10.F. The storage of recreational vehicles as a business requires property that is zoned C-commercial, I-industrial or I-1 heavy industrial and requires approval through the site plan review or minor special review special review process as provided in section 4.3.7.H (outdoor storage).


6.    Amend section 8.6.1. (applicability of private local access road standards) as follows:

This section applies to all applications for subdivision, conservation development, planned land division, minor land division, minor special review, special review, special exception and, public site plan review and  site plan review.


7.    Amend a portion of the table in section 4.3.1.G. as follows:

**Total Points

Use allowed as follows:

Accessory Horse Keeping- Some equestrian uses may be Accessory Horse Keeping and are not considered to be Equestrian Operations in this chart. Please see Section 4.3.10.I k. of this code.


8.    Amend section 5.8.6.D.3.e.4. as follows:

4) Road name signs and traffic control devices. All road name signs and traffic control devices must conform to the standards listed in Chapter 10, Article VII, Sec. 10-175 of the Code of Larimer County Road Naming and Site Addressing System in Chapter 4.10 and standard drawings 8, 9, and 10 of the rural area road standards.

A. General. This section describes general signing design requirements for use in unincorporated Larimer County. All design and construction of signing shall be in conformance with this section and the current requirements of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). If there are discrepancies between these standards and the MUTCD, the MUTCD will take precedence. For the purposes of this section, 'roads' and 'streets' mean the same thing.

B. Traffic signing.

1) Type and location of signs. The county engineer shall make the final determination regarding the type and location of signage controls within the right-of-way or access easement. These controls shall include traffic control signs, road name signs, delineators, and permanent barricades.

2) New roadway. Permanent signage, unless otherwise approved by the county engineer, shall be completely in place before any new road or access easement is opened for use.

3) Sign posts, supports, and mountings. Sign posts and their foundations and sign mountings shall be constructed to hold signs in a proper and permanent position, to resist swaying in the wind or displacement by vandalism.

Sign post. The post shall be constructed in two sections:

Anchor sleeve. A two-inch 12-gauge galvanized steel square stub section with holes, three feet long, is driven into the ground 30 to 33 inches with three to six inches remaining above the final grade. The sign post system's material specification is Telspar 22F12A 03PG, or approved equal, two-inch × three feet anchor post with holes.

Post section. A 1 ¾ - inch square galvanized steel post section with holes is inserted into the stub and bolted. The material specification is Telspar 20F12P-10PG, or approved equal, 1 ¾-inch square 12-gauge ten-foot post with holes. Posts shall be installed six to eight inches into the anchor (stub), which has three to six inches sticking out above the final grade.

Post bolts. Two 2-½-inch long, ⅜-inch hex head bolts are used to attach sign posts to sign anchor (stubs). These bolts shall be separated by one predrilled hole space and installed 90 degrees to one another.




Sign bolts. Signs are mounted to the post with a minimum of two bolts (5/16-inch with nylon and metal washers) or standard rivets (TL3806 EG, drive rivet) with nylon washers placed against the sign face. The bolt or rivet system is used to fasten signs to the square tube post.

Other sign mounts. Streetlights and approved utility poles, when located appropriately, may be used for signs such as warning, parking, and speed limit signs. Streetlight locations should be checked for potential sign installation during the design process and shown on the sign plan sheets.

Breakaway post system. Posts must be of appropriate length to comply with MUTCD specifications for the location, must conform to CDOT Specification Section 614, and must meet the Federal breakaway standards.

4. Sign reflectivity. All traffic control signs must be fabricated with reflective materials. All reflective materials must meet the requirements of the current requirements of the MUTCD. All signs or traffic control devices must have a seven-year materials warranty.

5. Panel gauge. Aluminum blanks of .080 gauge are standard, except for signs larger than 36 × 36 inches, which shall be .100 or .125 gauge aluminum.

C. Intersections

1. Street name sign

General. All road name signs must conform to these standards, See Exhibits (Same as Plate 29 and 30 added to the Road Manual). If the intersection has a traffic signal, road name signs will be designated as part of the signal.

Sign assembly. All plates shall be installed with end bolts on all plates. There shall be two plates for each road, with a minimum of four plates per road sign assembly. For non-county maintained roads intersecting with numbered county roads, the only sign panels will be for the private road. There will not be any sign panels for the county road.

Sign face.

Letter size. Refer to the following table and Exhibits (Plate 29 and 30) same as added to the Road Manual) for letter size specifications.

Posted Speed Limit

Letter Size

Minimum Height of Sign Blank

25 mph or less


6", Lengths may vary

Greater than 25 mph

6" Caps/4.5" lower case

8", Lengths may vary

Multi-lane road greater than 40 mph

8" Caps/6" lower case

10", Lengths may vary


* The minimum letter height for the "PRIVATE" designation is 1.5 inches


 Plate 29


Plate 30





Color. For all public and private roadways, including access easements, letters and numbers are to be white on a green background face. For all private roads, the word "PRIVATE" shall be included on the sign as shown on Exhibits (Plate 29 and 30 added to the Road Manual). The colors shall not fade when exposed to an accelerated test of ultraviolet light equivalent to five years of outdoor exposure. No silk screened signs are permitted.

Border. There shall be no borders on road name signs.

Road name. Road name designations shall be obtained from the approved plat for a land division or shall otherwise be assigned by the county addressing coordinator.

Change of name. At the point where a road changes names from one section to the next, the change should be designated on the road name assembly by using directional arrows and will require two additional plates.

No outlet signs. On any cul-de-sac, temporary dead-end road, or any other roads with only one access point a "No Outlet" (W14-2a) sign may be placed under the road name signs.


Commissioner Dougherty seconded the Motion.


Commissioners’ Cox, Dougherty, Jensen, Miller, Wallace, Zitti and Chairman Glick voted in favor of the Motion.




ITEM #4  GREEN ACRES CANINE BOARDING SPECIAL REVIEW #12-Z1901 :   Ms. Mott provided background information on the request for a pet animal facility located at 1205 Langston Lane, Loveland, which was approximately 600 feet south of Highway 34 on the west side of the road.  The pet animal facility would not exceed 15 dogs at any one time, not including the owner’s personal dogs.  The drop-offs and pick-ups would be by appointment only between the hours of 8am to 5pm Monday –Saturday and from 1pm to 5pm on Sundays.   The applicant has indicated that because drop-offs and pick-ups are by appointment only there would be no more than 2-4 vehicles on the property at one time.  In addition, the applicant proposed to have two, one-day only, canine adoptions events.  


Commissioner Wallace asked what kind of sound proofing measurements would be put into place.


Ms. Mott noted Condition of Approval #5.  She explained that a State license had to be obtained by the owner and those State standards would have to be met.


Commissioner Jensen asked for more information on the one-day events.  He felt that there could be a significant impact on the surrounding property owners.


Ms. Mott explained what the events were proposed to be for. 


Commissioner Cox asked about tying the Special Review approval to the owner and not the land.  She was concerned that at the neighborhood meeting neighbors might have concluded that the approval would be tied to the owner not the land.


Ms. Mott replied that the Planning Staff was advised by the county attorney not to tie the Special Review to the owner.


Chairman Glick raised concerns regarding compatibility.


Ms. Mott explained that the applicant had revised her application from the Sketch Plan Review phase to the Public Hearing Phase based on Planning Staff and neighborhood comments and concerns.


Commissioner Wallace suggested that all of the conditions of approval were made available for the public to view.


Chairman Glick took the item off of the consent agenda and asked the applicant to speak regarding the proposed one-day events.



Antoinette Stuart, applicant, stated that she worked with small rescue organizations.  She stated that events would be limited, and she was willing to limit the number of dogs and hours of the events. 


Commissioner Miller compared the events to a yard sale/garage sale and did not believe the events would create any more traffic.


Nancy Patterson, neighbor, stated that she was impressed with the notification of Larimer County.  She also was impressed with the applicant as she has been a good neighbor and made improvements to her property.  She was not concerned with the barking noises.


William Sloup, 1312 Westridge Drive, stated that the noise generated from the dogs would not be significant.


Dennis Sytsma, respected the applicant and felt that she was proposing a good operation.



Commissioner Wallace moved that the Planning Commission adopt the following Resolution:


BE IT RESOLVED that the Planning Commission recommend to the Board of County Commissioners approval of the Green Acres Canine Boarding Special Review, file #12-Z1901, for the property described on “Exhibit A” to the minutes, subject to the following conditions:


1.   This Special Review approval shall automatically expire without a public hearing if the use is not commenced within three years of the date of approval.








2.   The Site shall be developed consistent with the approved plan and with the information contained in the Green Acres Canine Boarding Special Review, File #12-Z1901, except as modified by the conditions of approval or agreement of the County and applicant.  The applicant shall be subject to all other verbal or written representations and commitments of record for the Green Acres Canine Boarding Special Review.


3.   Failure to comply with any conditions of the Special Review approval may result in reconsideration of the use and possible revocation of the approval by the Board of Commissioners


4.   This application is approved without the requirement for a Development Agreement.


5.   The facility shall operate under the following conditions:


    1. Dogs must be boarded inside overnight in a facility that complies with the physical facility standards as outlined in Section 16 of the Rules and Regulations Pertaining to the Administration and Enforcement of the Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act from the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Animal Industry Division.
    2. Direct supervision is required when boarded dogs are in the outdoor play area (identified submitted site plan as number 27).
    3. No more than 7 boarded dogs are allowed in the outdoor play area at one time.
    4. The outdoor runs (identified on the site plan as numbers 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 13) may only be used when management is on-site.

e.   No more than 15 dogs shall be boarded on the property at any one time.

f.   Dog food must be stored indoors and the dogs shall not be fed outside.

g.   The use shall be limited to boarding activities only.

h.   Only two one-day only canine adoption events are allowed per year.


6.   Transportation Capital Expansion Fees must be paid within 60 days of the Findings and Resolution being recorded. 


7.   The applicant shall provide evidence that an Outside City Water Service Agreement for this parcel has been provided to the City of Loveland prior to the Board of County of Commissioners’ Hearing.


8.   The applicant shall comply with the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority requirements as outlined in the letter from Carie Dann dated March 4, 2013.











9.   In the event the applicant fails to comply with any conditions of approval or otherwise fails to use the property consistent with the approved Special Review, applicant agrees that in addition to all other remedies available to County, County may withhold building permits, issue a written notice to applicant to appear and show cause why the Special Review approval should not be revoked, and/or bring a court action for enforcement of the terms of the Special Review.  All remedies are cumulative and the County’s election to use one shall not preclude use of another.  In the event County must retain legal counsel and/or pursue a court action to enforce the terms of this Special Review approval, applicant agrees to pay all expenses incurred by County including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees.


10.   County may conduct periodic inspections to the property and reviews of the status of the Special Review as appropriate to monitor and enforce the terms of the Special Review approval.


11.   The Findings and Resolution shall be a servitude running with the Property.  Those owners of the Property or any portion of the Property who obtain title subsequent to the date of recording of the Findings and Resolution, their heirs, successors, assigns or transferees, and persons holding under applicants shall comply with the terms and conditions of the Special Review approval.


Commissioner Dougherty seconded the Motion.


Commissioners’ Cox, Dougherty, Jensen, Miller, Wallace, Zitti and Chairman Glick voted in favor of the Motion.






REPORT FROM STAFF:  Mr. Lafferty reminded the Commission of their upcoming meetings. 


ADJOURNMENT:   There being no further business, the hearing adjourned at 7:36 p.m.



These minutes constitute the Resolution of the Larimer County Planning Commission for the recommendations contained herein which are hereby certified to the Larimer County Board of Commissioners.



_______________________________                      ______________________________

Scott Glick, Chairman                                                            Nancy Wallace, Secretary










BEG AT N 1/4 COR 17-5-69, TH ALG N LN W 469 FT, TH S 31E 416.41 FT


79 W 244.96 FT, S 344 FT, N 79 W 225 FT, S 140 FT, N 79 W 237.94 FT, S

41 36' 15" E 440.72 FT M/L TO C/L OLD CO RD, TH N 41 45' E ALG SD OLD

C/L 269.98 FT, N 41 E 382.81 FT, N 48 9' W 16.62 FT, N 37 33' E 24.35 FT,

N 45 18' E 56.17 FT TPOB; EX 1653-239












































A tract of land located in Section 24, Township 8 North, Range 68 West of the 6th

Principal Meridian, County of Larimer, State of Colorado, being more particularly

described as follows:


BEGINNING at the South Quarter comer of Section 24 and considering the South line of

Section 24 as bearing South 89°55'59" West with all other bearings herein relative



Thence along the North-South centerline of said Section, North 00°35'42" East, 1317.41

feet to the Center South 1116 corner; thence along the 1116 line, North 89°59'37" East,

135.00 feet; thence, North 05°53'03" West, 537.08 feet; thence, North 88°55'41" West,

1330.33 more or less to the high water line, as per Deed, Exhibit A, Reception No.

88010419, Larimer County Records; thence along said high water line the following

eight courses: South 04°05'17" West, 140.03 feet; thence, South 14°17'10" East, 393.06

feet; thence, South 05°17'48" East, 213.90 feet; thence, South 25°39'55" East, 199.72

feet; thence, South 22°51'11" East, 336.21 feet; thence, South 20°01'54" West, 390.42

feet; thence, South 18°16'01" East, 260.25 feet; thence, South 39°13'48" East 51.96 feet

more or less to the South line of said Section 24; thence along said Section line, North

89°55'59" East, 931.95 feet to the South Quarter comer of said Section 24 and the POINT



Containing 47.657 acres more or less.






















Background Image: Dream Lake frozen over in Rocky Mountain National Park by Bryce Bradford. All rights reserved.