Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Advisory Council Meeting

May 9, 2013


Held at 2573 Midpoint Drive, Ste. 108

Fort Collins, Colorado  80525


Members Present:

Nancy Arthur

David Born

Sharon Courtney


Helen Davis

Phil Elliott

Howard Hay


Richard Hedlund

Judy Jones

Audrey Ketchum


Ken Lamport

Betty McBride

Ellen Pihlstrom


Mary Shultz

Earl Stevens

Katie Stieber


Stan Ulrich







Members Absent :

Jay Adams

Bonnie Glass

Sharon Zamora





Staff Present:

Tina Barker

Monica Becker

Tina Corrigan-Hugo


Ruth Long

Katy Mason

Linda Rumney





Guests Present:

Steve Johnson

Cherrie Thornton






Before the May Council meeting started, Judy Jones invited the members and guests to celebrate Older Americans Month with an awards ceremony and refreshments.  Commissioner Johnson presented the awards to Walt Hayward for Outstanding Senior and AJ Erwine for Outstanding Family Caregiver.


Judy Jones called the regular meeting to order at 2:19 p.m.


Minutes stand as presented.


Judy Jones reported the Executive Committee has been busy working on the Health Care Forums.  Currently the Committee is planning two more forums to be held in Estes Park and Fort Collins. 


Ruth Long reported on the Office on Aging (OOA) budget request for July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014.  Ruth explained that the federal dollars were reduced by $85,000.   Fortunately, SB-127 passed which will give the OOA a little over $100,000 in state funds.  The Governor also has put into his budget proposal an additional $2 million, which will translate into another $100,000 for the OOA.  To recap, we have an increase of $128,000. 


Ruth stated that she has met with the Grantee Management Committee to discuss funding of the grants.  The additional amount will be allotted to the two Adult Day Services for Elderhaus and Stepping Stones.  Ruth added that some of the extra funds will be used for internal purposes that were discussed at a staff retreat last Spring.  One purchase will be for a database called Network of Care.  It will cost us $10,000 this year and $12,000 a year thereafter.  Next, we want to create a new position for an information and referral specialist.  This position would cost about $60,000.  In September, we will have an opportunity to adjust our budget.  We are also looking at funding one-time only projects.


Ruth then asked the Council to approve the preliminary budget.  Stan Ulrich moved to approve the budget.  Earl Stevens seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


Community Education & Information Committee

Katie Stieber thanked the Committee and staff for helping with putting together the Older Americans Month program.  Katie reported that the Committee will be examining the marketing analysis report and is continuing to distribute the Answers on Aging Resource Guide to churches.    


Grantee Management & Evaluation Committee

David Born reported that the Committee discussed the quarterly Provider Unit Report.  The Committee also discussed the budget.


Public Policy & Advocacy Committee 

Helen Davis reported that the legislature passed many good bills that will help older adults.  Helen asked the Council members if anyone was interested in attending the Housing Coalition meetings on the 2nd Wednesday from 12:00 to 1:00.  Rene DeMattei has been attending, but will need to take a leave of absence.  Helen and Stan will be attending meetings with Jared Polis’ staff.  If there are pressing issues to bring up at those meetings, please share with Helen or Stan.



Larimer County Commissioner

Steve Johnson reported that they have interviewed four individuals for the two openings on the Council.  All four are really good candidates and the interviewers decided to select two to serve on the Council and two to be alternates. 


The Commissioners are concerned with the Foothills Mall redevelopment.  Due to Tax Incremental Funding (TIF) which the city is using as an incentive to the developer, the project will cost the County $12 million over the next 25 years.  The City of Fort Collins has created a Property Urban Renewal which means that the new property taxes will stay with the mall developers and the City of Fort Collins.  Steve commented that they are trying to work out a deal that would include half of the property taxes coming to the County. 

Bridging the Gap Planning Committee

Katy Mason reported that location of Bridging the Gap will be at the Hilton on Prospect on September 18. 


Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report (SAB)

Cherrie Thornton thanked Ruth for her excellent presentation on housing issues at the SAB meeting.  The SAB has sent letters to City Council supporting the recommendations of the North Front Range Regional Transit Feasibility Study.  On May 17, the SAB will provide feedback on the Senior Center Expansion design.  The Board will also discuss the design for the new southeast Fort Collins recreational/cultural center on May 30. 


Loveland Senior Advisory Board (SAB)

Earl Stevens reported that the Silver Tsunami meeting in Loveland was very successful.  The SAB will be looking at redesigning their Board.  Earl announced that the SAB made $2,600 at their pancake breakfast event. 


Foundation on Aging (FOA)

Mary Shultz reported that the FOA is planning a retreat in late summer. 


Human Relations Commission (HRC)

Myles Crane was not able to attend the meeting and sent a written report.  The HRC's Awards Breakfast on May 2 went very well.  Bonnie Shetler received a certificate of appreciation signed by the Mayor and HRC chair.  Mr. Chuck Solano was the recipient of the Senior Award.


The HRC's Education Outreach Committee is planning to collaborate with the Foundation on Aging and hopefully with the Office on Aging Advisory Council, the Senior Advisory Board and others in presenting a summit on aging in the Fort Collins area in 2014.



Katy Mason announced that 129 attended the first Health Care Forum and 82 attended the second one. 


Stan Ulrich announced that a meeting is scheduled on May 16 for the Architect to show the preliminary drawings of the Fort Collins Senior Center expansion.  Stan also stated that the All American Picnic will be on July 3 and will cost $15 for adults and $8 for children 12 and under.


David Born announced that the Estes Park Senior Center is hosting a pancake breakfast on June 8 - all you can eat for $8!


Judy Jones announced that a new chair and vice chair will be voted on at the June meeting.  Please let Ruth or Katy know about your nominations. 



Judy adjourned the meeting at 3:04 p.m.

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.