Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

LIFE Board Meeting

May 3, 2012

Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Denise Suniga, Catherine Weaver, Kristen Mooney, Commissioner Steve Johnson, Emily Brown, Laura Garrett, Laurie Klith,


Core Services Update:

Changes to IFT Contracts:

  Catherine explained that we did a pilot program with a couple of IFT providers last year allowing them to continue providing services to the client after we close our case. The contract was structured so that we paid for three assessment sessions while we were open and then allowed 10 to 12 more sessions after we closed. The provider and the client would be able to schedule those sessions in whatever way was most beneficial, once a week, once a month etc. We had 6-7 families that went through this new pilot. It seemed like a positive program and so we have decided to expand it to all our IFT providers in FY13.

  Emily explained the Enhanced Coaching program which is similar in that it allows families to receive coaching services even if they do not have an open case. The referrals will come from the Community Life Center and also the Family Visitor Program.

  Denise talked about one area that is hard for us to provide services after we close is substance abuse treatment. There is no good model right now for how to pay for that treatment after we close since the treatment is usually longer term and we are working with the MSO for the contract and not sure how paying in advance would work.

New Programs:

  Catherine explained the High Conflict Couples program with CSU. We have a current Core contract for the program, but have had a hard time getting enough referrals for the program. The hope with the new expanded program is to also get referrals from the community. Catherine will find out how those referrals can be submitted to CSU and let the group know since it might be a good referral source for the Family Visitors.

1196 Legislation:

  Program Area 3 would allow prevention cases to be open. The State is working on Trails data system to allow community providers to enter these cases which would be flagged in the system as prevention.


Core Budget

  Denise handed out a draft of the FY13 budget assuming the same allocation as in FY12. She explained which programs were the expansion funds and how we have to report the outcomes for those programs. Hopefully, we will have our allocation by the next meeting and can discuss the final budget.

Community Life Center Update:

  Denise provided an update on the CLC in Fort Collins opening on July 1st. DHS will have a room available there for family meetings and FAPT. She also reported on the trip to Kentucky that some member of the FCC took, along with Commissioner Gaiter, to visit another settlement house, The Cabbage Patch. The trip went well and it looks promising that we will be able to have a settlement house in Loveland as well. More discussion on this will need to take place at the upcoming FCC meetings.

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