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Larimer County Fair & Rodeo

Meeting Minutes

August 26, 2009


Public Comment

§  None

Meeting called to order by Mike Adams, Chairman

§  Called to order at 7:08 pm

Approval of  July 22  Meeting Minutes

§  Motion to approve July meeting minutes made by Steve Humann

§  Seconded by Larry Dunn

§  Motion to approve July meeting minutes voted on and passed.


§  Various thank you’s

§  Letter  to compliment Queen’s Lady-In-Waiting Contest

§  Mule show pictures and a thank you


§  Queen’s

o  Introduction of 2010 Lady-In-Waiting,  Kodi Younghein

Chairman’s Topics – Mike Adams

§  Announced Hillary Carroll’s leaving The Ranch staff and moving to California early September.

§  Primary focus on this meeting was the Fair Board committees

                Liaison Report

§  Junior Livestock – Greg Melick

o  Sale down from 2008

o  2010 possibility of moving the sale ring due to the heat

§  Animal Welfare – Shannon Fancher

o  No major issues or complaints

o  Asked that commercial vendors be carefully screened due to compliant of one vendor operating illegally

§  Tough Enough to Wear Pink – Alan Rankin

o  Having a meeting in September and will have final figures at next Fair Board meeting      


              Everyone agreed that the 2009 Fair went very well. The reason for having a strategy session is to start

                                                    planning earlier for an every better Fair in 2010.


Strategy Session - Guest Services

§  What went well?

o  Main areas were covered

o  Remax Group

o  Handbook and Brochures (suggest having a map of vendor locations next year)

o  Shuttles for the pancake breakfast

§  What needs improvement?

o  Orientation & training (go to people’s work)

o  Radio Training

o  Set boundaries for Trail Bosses ( need 3 or 4 people)

o  Press release advertise for 2010 volunteers during good press times, set recruiting plan

o  Target involving younger (high school i.e. Key Club) groups

o  Clear up confusion with better communication with Ranch staff

o  Improve registration form

o  Software-good for scheduling but need to go to low tech basics during fair

o  Don’t ask Fair Board members that already have other commitments on certain days; however they should participate as they can.

o  Organize ambassador s at information booth and shuttle stops

o  Scheduling of shuttles, shuttles on show days from dirt lot or directional signs, open roping & PCB

o  Mark McKee parking lot for volunteer parking

§  Chair person for 2010

o  Commissioners will seek out a person to fill Jacques’ board position with someone with skills

that fit the volunteer chair person needs.

o  Jacque will compile the 2009 information.  She has offered to volunteer to be a Trail Boss

next year.


Strategy Session – Pancake Breakfast

§  What went well?

o  Serving & set up went well

o  15 % increase-big surge 8:30-9:30

o  Tip jar brought in $815

o  PVHS clean up- they want to come back

o  Hot Air Balloon Launch

o  Background music

o  Advertising

§  What needs improvement?

o  Lions to fix grill or find  another group (Kiwanis) to cook

o  More presentation opportunities (awards, etc.)

o  Restrooms, better signage

o  Better advertising for sponsors

§  Chair person for 2010

Strategy Session – Parade

§  What went well?

o  City of Loveland Police & Parks Departments  happy

o  Traffic control good but too expensive

§  What needs improvement?

o  Obtain more staging area - HP lot ready (mowed) sooner- Use fire department training area

o  Maybe lengthen parade route  to North go parade can return down Railroad

o  Determine how to charge floats

o  Define line-up procedure

o  Make sponsorship plan

o  Need communication plan

o  Central point for entry forms

o  Re-vamp application & route

o  Thank you to Teledyne

o  Need to keep floats closer in line

o  Different type of shuttles

o  Display floats on fairgrounds during Fair

o  Consider a change for 4-H goat check-in, maybe schedule earlier in day

o  Define roles and responsibilities of parade committee and The Ranch liaison

o  Committee needs to take over parade responsibilities

o  Send out confirmation letter

o  Stage sell sponsorships for parade divisions

o  Participant signage for staging

Rodeo Summary– Steve Humann

§  Attendance down but ticket prices were raised

§  4-H Family night huge success, need to find other similar groups for other discount ticket nights


Ranch Update – Event Coordinators

§  Buildings & Grounds – Liz

o  Good commercial vendor turn out just need to make some minor adjustments for 2010.

§  Arena Activities – Abby

o  Every thing went well

§  Entertainment – Lisa

o  Splash Dogs huge success and will be back in 2010

o  Lumberjack show – working with JAX to sponsor them again next year

o  Hope to bring in pig races next year

o  BMX Demos and skate Boarding next year

o  Goal is to have everyone contracted in January

o  Carnival – do more fun promotions, packaging, etc.

§  Marketing – Lisa

o  Passed out CD’s to Fair Board containing all ads and press releases

§  Sponsorhsips- Katie and Dave at conference out of town

Old Business

§  None


                      Motion to adjourn meeting made by:

                                  Gregg Melick

                      Motion seconded by Shannon Fancher

                      Meeting Adjourned


Next Meeting:    September 23, 2009            Ft. Collins Room ---7:00 p.m.

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