Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Larimer County Fair & Rodeo

Meeting Minutes

June 24, 2009


Public Comment:

  • None


Meeting Called to Order at 7:01 p.m. by:

                Mike Adams, Chairman


Approval of May meeting minutes:

  • Motion to approve March meeting minutes made by:

                                Kaycee Lytle

Seconded by:

                                Alan Rankin

                Motion to approve May meeting minutes voted on and passed.



  • Passed around a “Thank You” card from Loren Maxey



  • Queen’s

o  None – attending  4-H Conference

  • Ovations

o  None


Chairman’s Topics:  Mike Adams

o  None


Committee Reports:

  • Pancake Breakfast –Loren Maxey reported on progress, everything coming along fine.
  •  Parade –Melora Luth reported everything moving along well.


Liaison Reports:

§  Jr. Livestock Sale

o  Greg Melick reported at the last Jr. Livestock meeting some concerns came up about Parade of Champions during rodeo.  After some discussion it was decided that Gregg will talk with Loren Maxey about obtaining necessary equipment.

§  Animal Welfare

o  None

§  “Tough Enough to Wear Pink”

o  Alan Rankin reported that they have a web site detailing all fund raising events.


Guest Services:  Myrna Rodenberger

  • A sign up sheet was passed around for Fair Board members to list the days when they will be on grounds during Fair.  There needs to be at least one member present at all times.


Extension: Laurel Kubin

  • Laurel reported that all judges have been contracted and the trophies have been ordered.


Rodeo:   Steve Humann

  • Discussed holding a raffle for a custom hat from Greeley Hat Works.  The proceeds from the raffle would go to TETWP.  A second custom hat would go to a sick child from a Larimer County family.
  • Reported that Fair Board and commissioners will receive complimentary tickets- six each, pick them up at the BEC box office.  Anyone having “Founding Partner” tickets can apply these towards them.  The parade Grand Marshall will receive 2 tickets per performance.  20 tickets for Tuesday night for TETWP cancer society.  Queen’s sponsor tickets will be at box office under John Lee’s name.  20 or 30 tickets for Shannon to give to vets helping during Fair.  6 tickets for Tug-O-War awards.



Ranch Updates:   Coordinators

  • Bldgs & Grounds –Liz Garcia

o  Passed around a mock up of the Fair schedule tri-fold.  Will be going to print soon.

o  Kiddie Ranchland- coming along

o  “Toast to Agriculture” invitations going out.

o  Stroller area in the works

o  “Cheers for 5 Year’s” event in development

o  “Build a Barn”  plaques fund raiser –need donated auction items for scholarship fund raiser.


  • Entertainment – Lisa Lytle

o  Passed out copies of the main stage activities.

o  Announced  many of the other various entertainment

o  Jax will be sponsoring the “Timberworks” show

o  CSU Day-Tony Frank, president will give a speech.  He has asked all department heads to get involved.  Cam the Ram will make an appearance.  Ice Cream Social from noon to 2:30.  Don Svedman has donated a belt buckle and a bola to be presented to Mr. Frank.  Several other entertaining events planned.


  • Arena Activities – Abby Powell

o  Many of the same major activities as 2008 just some changes in their schedule

o  Meeting with Wendy to discuss barn requests changes

o  Dixie Gibbens will be organizing the Bucket Calf competition.  They will need  an indoor venue.


  • Marketing – Ryan Young

o  Introduced new marketing coordinator Amy White

o  Listed various media and print promotions

o  Producing a press kit

o  Stories to pitch, great help from Don Svedman

o  Posters for Fair and Rodeo ready for distribution


  • Sponsorships – Kate Buttermore

o  Sponsorships up from this time last year

o  Nordy’s will supply gift certificates for the parade judges and also the ham for the pancake breakfast.


Other/New Business:  Mike Adams

  • Announced new Ft. Collins representative, Aislinn Kottwitz
  • Volunteer orientation meeting, July 17 at 7:00 pm
  • Bob Herrfeldt announced and briefly explained the neccessary10% budget cuts at The Ranch.
  • Mike suggested a strategy session be held before the regular scheduled Fair Board meeting in August to discuss budgeting for 2010 Fair.


Old Business:  None



        Motion to adjourn meeting made by:

                Gregg Melick

        Motion seconded by:

                Alan Rankin

        Meeting adjourned


Respectfully submitted by:


ms/recording secretary

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.