Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson




7:00 p.m.  December 14, 2011

Ft. Collins Room McKee Bldg


Meeting called to order at 7:01 p.m. by:  John Lee, Chairman 


      Approval of November 2, 2011 meeting (rescheduled Oct. 26th  mtg) minutes

                                Motion to approve made by:  Loren Maxey

                                Motion seconded by:  Steve Humann

                                Motion to approve November 2, 2011 Fair Board meeting minutes voted on and passed.


Public Comment: 

§  none



§       Thank you from Larimer County Fair Draft Horse Show Committee was passed around.


Chairman’s Report:   John Lee turned the floor over to Commissioner Johnson. 

                Commissioner Johnson showed a power point presentation addressing and answering the questions about the roles and responsibilities of Fair Board members from November meeting.  Commissioner Johnson passed out copies of the presentation to all in attendance.  Scott Golden and Frank Marino were absent and copies will be mailed to them.  After some discussion it was decided that the Fair Board now has the luxury of time to look at long range plans along with partners and set some goals.  In the future partners will share more information during their reports at the board meetings.  Commissioner Johnson stated that it is not the fair board’s responsibility to make the fair profitable, but the fair board committees are expected to live within their budgets.


Budget Report:

§  Diana Frick, Ranch senior accountant, passed out the Dashboard to board members.  After some discussion it was decided that

A request is made to the Board Executive Committee for a complete detailed financial report be available.


Fair Board Committee Reports:  

§  Pancake Breakfast –Gary Marison no report

§  Parade – Pat Young  no report

§  Queens – Pat Young, chairman of queen’s committee, passed out copies of the updated Royalty Handbook for review by the board.  Pat and Gil Barela, queen’s committee treasurer, explained the various forms that must be used, especially any requests for purchases.   Loren Maxey suggested that all pages in handbook be dated.  The handbook needs to be adopted and ready to implement for 2012.  After discussion, Pat asked the board to vote to adopt the revised Royalty Handbook.  

             Motion to recommend approval of the revised Royalty Handbook to the Executive Committee was made by:  Steve Humann

             Motion seconded by: Alan Rankin

             Motion to recommend approval of the revised Royalty Handbook  to the Executive Committee was voted on and      unanimously passed.

§  Guest Services –Francis LaBarbera reported that Frank Marino requests to be remove as guest services committee chairman and Francis remain as the committee chairman.


     Partner Reports: 

§ Extension – Laurel Kubin reported that 4-H enrollment is available online.

§ Rodeo – Steve Humann no report

§ The Ranch – Abby Powell


Liaison Reports:

§  Junior Livestock – Greg Melick will look into requesting a Junior Livestock committee member attend Fair Board meetings

§  Tough Enough to Wear Pink – Alan Rankin reported current fund raisers – Golf Tournament and Woven Bracelets



New Business:  

§      Election of 2012 Officers –Chairman, Gil Barela

                                               Vice-Chairman, Scott Golden

                                               Secretary, John Lee

§      2012 Fair Board meeting schedule approved


      Old Business: 

§      2011 Fair wrap up tabled until January meeting

§      New Fair Board Shirts – Mary Starck will research prices and have for Executive Committee to discuss.



Motion to adjourn meeting made by:   Gary Marison      Seconded by:  Pat Young     Voted and passed        

          Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm


Next Meeting:                                                                  January 25, 2012   Ft Collins Room ---7:00 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted by: 

MS recorder

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.