Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson





7:00 p.m.  July 18, 2012



1.   Meeting called to order by Gil Barela, Chairman


2.   Approval of  June 27 Meeting Minutes - Approved


3.   Correspondence

§  None


4.   Chairman’s Report  – Gil Barela

§  Report from Executive Committee Meeting discussion on Fair Board member attrition

o  Continue to go with what we have. Will accept new applications in the Fall.


5.     Fair Board Committee Reports

§  Pancake Breakfast – Gary Marison

      i.   It’ll happen.

      ii.   Lion’s Club will deliver trailers Sat 9am.

      iii.   Batter and syrup are on board. Need someone to pickup the batter and syrup though.

1.   Sat afternoon 8/4 about 3pm. Need someone.

2.   Need carts at 6:15am.

      iv.   Get ham 7:00-8am on Sat 8/4.

§  Parade – Pat Young

o  Like to make sure everyone is going to be there by 7am. Need 6 volunteers.

o  Have 50 entries.

o  13 FD’s will be there.

§  Queen’s – Pat Young

o  Getting down to the wire.

o  Contest for Queen’s will be on 8/4 7:30am. 5:30-7:30 will be horsemanship.

o  6 contestants

o  More sponsors than last time.

o  BBQ on 7/27 at Janelle’s

o  Luncheon at 8/4 12-2:30. In the BEC. Will need tickets to get in. Go into thje BEC on the East side.

o  Fashion show in JAX.

§  Guest Services – John Lee

o  Orinetation on 31st at 7pm.

o  Will have a shuttle avail for orientation.


6.  Partner Reports

§  Extension – Laurel Kubin

§  Everything going along fine.

§  Searching for a goat judge.

§  Rodeo – Steve Humann

§  Everything going well.

§  The Ranch –  Coordinators

o  Buildings & Grounds

o  Copies of schedules handed out. Also on website.

o  Key thing to note is schedule is separated. 4H specific vs casual attendee.

o  Overall layout handed out.

o  7x 6 seater shuttles on site. Will get fueled and parked at the end of the shift.

o  Call the Coordinators directly not Ops.

o  Radios arriving on July26.

o  Moonlight carriage company will also be here.

o  Fair opens at 4pm on 8/3. Would be nice if FB members could be at openining in FB shirts.

o  Arena Activities

o  Everything is good to go.

o  Entertainment

o  Moving the Ice Cream Social over by the East Pavilion on Friday night.

o  Fireworks only on Fri and Sat nite

o  Fishing Pond in Kids’ Ranchland.

o  2 kids movies, 1 movie a night.

o  Sunday is Kid’s Day. 11-3 Stage = Kids acts.

o  Sunday Balloon Rally and Extrem Illusion magic show at 9am.

o  Will be launching Sat and Sun morning.

o  8-10 tetherd balloon rides.

o  Gnarly Barly = 22-24 breweries. Won’t need help setting up.

o  Marketing

o  Media is all up and running.

o  TV will start tomorrow.

o  16 billboards up.

o  All the pitches for stories in this week.

o  Tri-fold is good.

o  Sponsorship

o  50 sponsors

o  $140K+ That’s $40K over than last year.

o  $180K+ Cash and Trade.

o  Ovations

o  A little change in food vendors.

o  VIP tents are bigger.

o  More food vendors than last year.

o  We may be completely full on the private parties in the tent.


7.   Liaison Report

§    Junior Livestock – Greg Melick

o  No update until the sale.

o  Tried to help out with the taxes issue.

§    Tough Enough to Wear Pink –  Alan Rankin

o  Sat 7:30am

o  132 players

o  27 Sponsors

o  Realtek sponsored First Responsers.

o  On the national TETWP website.


             8. Budget



             9.  New Business

§  Items for Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

§  4-H Camping Check-In Sign-up Sheet

§  Fair Board Name Tags


10.  Old Business

§  New Fair Board Shirts update– Gil Barela

§  Belt buckle update – Pat Young

§   Larimer County Fair & Rodeo History Video update  & Royalty picture display -  John Brooks

o  Everything is going well and as planned.

o  Anyone that wants to be interviewed would be good after the Pancake Bfast.

o  Royalty display will be in the booth that John brings. Will be pics of Queen’s only.


11.  Adjournment


             Respectfully submitted by:  Joh Lee, Secretary



Next Meeting:                                            August 22,  2012

            Ft. Collins Room ---7:00 p.m.


Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.