Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson




7:00 p.m.  May 22, 2013

Ft Collins Room McKee Building




G. Barela, P. Young, S. Humann,  L. Parker, T. Baldwin, J. Brooks, F. Marino, S. Jernigan, G. Marison, A. Rankin,

K. Mannon, J. Hartman,  L. Garcia, L. Kubin,  D. Namesnik,  R. Young, P. Hossler, S. Martinez & D. Mayer






 R. Conaway, S. Golden & G. Melick


1.  Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Gil Barela, Chairman

2.  Public Comment – none

3.  Motion to approve the April 24th meeting minutes made by:  S. Humann

     Second to motion made by:  G. Marison

     Motion voted on and passed to approve the April 24th meeting minutes.

4.  Correspondence – none

5.  Chairman’s Report – G. Barela

                New Fair Board shirts available at next month’s meeting

6.  Committee Reports:

                Pancake Breakfast – G. Marison reported everything going as planned.

Parade – P. Young reported parade planning going well. No bands need new barricade company, working on new approach with R. Young to obtain more participants and observers, need to select Grand Marshal.

Royalty – S. Martinez reported upcoming June 1st first every Royalty Horse Show.   Requested help to set-up arena and take entries at 6:00 am and also to assist with gymkana events in afternoon.

                D. Mayer showed board new leather tooled brief cases donated by Shawn Sealy.

Guest Services –J. Brook asked that committee chairs have volunteer needs to him.  A sign-up sheet to work the volunteer office during fair will be passed around at June meeting.

7.  Partner Reports:

 Extension – L. Kubin reported the premium book will be available online June 1.  Postcards will be sent out soon.  Judges have been secured.  Ordering awards and ribbons.

Rodeo- S. Humann reminded board that they each receive 6 complimentary rodeo tickets.  Can pick them up after July 1 at the BEC box office.  Announcing in 4-H newsletter that opportunity to sell rodeo programs is open to any 4-H’er interested and should contact either Alan Rankin or himself.  Family of the Year is the Loren Maxey family.

Ranch – L. Garcia

                  Buildings & Grounds – 4-H camping changes due to construction, Horse and Pony Show coming along, new jousting event scheduled for Saturday.  Some adjustments have been made to the vendor layout.  All rental items have been contracted.

                  Entertainment – With 10th year anniversary metal being aluminum a canned food drive has been added on Saturday and Sunday 10 am – 4 pm.  This is in partnership with Larimer County Food Bank.

                  Arena Activities – no report

 Marketing – R. Young reported that the campaign is starting up.  Finalizing ads, announcements start 5 to 6 weeks prior to fair.  Will be conducting a survey of attendees during fair.  Working on securing radio station to be presenting sponsor of fair parade.

Sponsorship – D. Namesnik reported to date $115,000 cash and trade.  More to come.

Ovations – P. Hossler reported-Gnarly Barley has 26 participants to date.  Increased cap to 30.   100 tickets sold for VIP tent.  Asked committee chairs about meal vouchers.  Everyone liked last year’s choices.

8.  Liaison Report

Junior Livestock Sale– S. Jernigan reported budget/financials have been transferred and set up with County.

TETWP – A. Rankin.  July 20th is the golf tournament at Marianna Butte course.  July 27 after parade Jax’s will hold a fund raiser hamburger/hot dog BBQ with fashion show.  June 7th a TETWP booth will be set up at Colorado Ice Game.

9.  Budget – no report

10. New /Other Business:

                No items for the June 4th Executive Committee agenda

11.  Old Business:  none

12.  Adjournment:

                Motion to adjourn meeting made by:  S. Jernigan   Motion Seconded by:  A. Rankin

                Motion to adjourn meeting voted on and passed

               Meeting adjourned at 7:36pm


Respectfully Submitted:  M. Starck, Recording Secretary



Next Meeting:                                              June 26, 2013             

                                                       Fort Collins Room – 7:00 pm

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.