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Larimer County Extension Advisory Committee

May 5, 2011



The meeting was held in the Extension Office meeting room in Fort Collins.  Those present were Suzanne Jarboe-Simpson, Ronda Koski, Ralph Bender, Seth Anthony, Jesse Mae Hendrickson, Kristina Meyers, Pam Harrold, Mel Hilgenberg, Extension Director Laurel Kubin, Extension Agents Alison O'Connor, Karen Crumbaker, and Administrative Assistant Fred McClanahan, Jr.


Excused:  Sarah Erickson, Dixie Dick & Valerie Clark


The meeting was called to order at 8:05 a.m.  Introductions were made.  Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


Agent Reports:


            Karen Crumbaker, Ag & Natural Resources Extension Agent


·  Bindweed mites (microscopic insects) are being released in several areas of the county, including the Fossil Creek Natural Area, to control bindweed.

·   Colorado Energy Masters program – modeled after Native Plant Masters and Master Gardener programs, will be offered in Larimer County

·   Wildfire preparedness – a workshop will be held for residents to learn how to ready their home and family for a wild land fire, as well as for evacuation whether there is 15 months or 15 minutes to prepare.

·  Native Plant Masters Program – in its 4th year for Larimer County, the Native Plant Master program educates and encourages residents to adopt sustainable landscaping practices that help them save water, money and time.  In 2010 the program had 2,099 educational contacts.  There are 38 participants and 11 new volunteers in 2011.

·  Radon awareness – several workshops for residents were held throughout the county on radon testing and mitigation.

·  Small Acreage Management – programs include Extreme Makeover, Colorado Ag Big & Small conference, Growing Your Future, Livestock on Small Acreages, Animal Health Network, and Building Farmer Program.

Alison O'Connor, Horticulture Extension Agent


Larimer County Master Gardeners

·  Currently 117 volunteers in our program

·  6,517.25 volunteer hours valued at $135,884.66

·  1,475.5 hours of continuing education

·  Served 18,804 people


Writing Impacts

·  April through October 2010 – 90 articles, tips, Q&A to Larimer County newspapers

·  278 hours of volunteer time



Teaching Classes

·  Over 900 volunteer hours were spent preparing for, assisting with and teaching public classes

·  Over 5,500 people benefited from these classes


Out and About in the Community

·  Spent 1,413 hours volunteering at community greening and gardening projects

◦   PERC & Plant Select Gardens

◦   Loveland Youth Gardeners

◦   Alison Stoven O'Connor tree research


Tree Team (site visits to examine trees)

·  102 Tree team visits were made generating $2,550 for Extension program

◦   52 visits in Fort Collins

◦   35 visits in Loveland

◦   8 visits in Berthoud

◦   3 visits in Estes Park

◦   1 visit in Wellington


2011 MG Apprentice Class

·  12 new apprentices and 1 transfer completed the 14-week training

◦   99 continuing Master Gardeners

◦   8 Master Gardeners on sabbatical

◦   120 total volunteers in the program


Volunteer Hours

·  New volunteer management system called "VMS" (Volunteer Management System)

·  Volunteer hours to date:  1,011.15 hours

·  Continuing education:  892 hours

·  All this and only one month into the gardening season


Larimer County Farmers' Market

·  2010 marks the 35th Annual Larimer County Farmers’ Market

·  Sales were up 11.8% from 2009

◦   Total gross sales: $427,913

◦   Total sales in 2006 were $236K

·  Farmers' Market began  accepting food stamps in 2007; in four years, food stamp use has increased 77% to $3,304 in 2010

·  Market Bucks use increased 86^ since 2007; last year's sales were $21,305

·  Our busiest week is always the last week in August (2010 sales topped $35,000)

·  Approximately 2,000 to 3,600 customers shot the market each Saturday







Downtown Development Authority Market


The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is preparing development of a year-round market place.  Currently at the Opera Galleria, the winter market would like to expand to a year-round market.  DDA is working with a consultant interviewing people to determine if the concept may work.


DDA would like the Larimer County Farmers' Market to be a part of their market during the summer.  Extension is looking at the costs and benefits of doing so.


Extension Showcase


Extension Showcase will be held at The Ranch in late autumn 2011.


Larimer 101


Extension will make a presentation to Larimer 101 on May 12.

Volunteers will assist with presentations

The session will inform participants of the day-to-day problems citizens call about that we educate the community on.



Director's Report


Martha Sullin, Extension Regional Specialist in Agriculture & Business Management, will be located in the Larimer County Extension beginning in early May.


A post card has been created with contact information for the County Commissioners.  These cards are given to individuals if they would like to express satisfaction or appreciation for Extension programs. 




Recognition was given to Extension Advisory Committee members who are retiring.  Ralph Bender has served three 3-year terms (9 years) and Seth Anthony has served one 3-year term.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 a.m. 

The next meeting will be on September 7, 2011 at the Larimer County Extension Office.





                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                    Fred McClanahan, Jr.

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.