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Larimer County Cooperative Extension Advisory Meeting

May 19, 2005


            The meeting was held in the Meeting Room of the Larimer County Extension Office in Fort Collins.  Those present were Rob Ryan, Henrique Barreto, Ralph Bender, Mary Robertson, Robert Knebl, Alberto Squassabia, Extension Director Laurel Kubin and Pam Heeney.  Doran Beaman and David Lee were guests.    


            Laurel announced the resignation of Gene Ulm from the Board and his farewell comments of appreciation. 


            We viewed the Boards & Commissions video.  It is available on DVD, VHS, Cable TV and the County Web site for use throughout the County.


Office Staff Update


            Laurel gave an update on the staffing at the Extension Office.  She told about the changes in the front office with Fred becoming the Office Manager and adding Donna Goodwin and Pam Heeney as Administrative Assistants.  She reported that the Nutrition Educators positions are both open as Camey has transferred to Weld County and Amy will be a full-time mother.  The Family Consumer Science position is still vacant and we will not know if it will be filled until after the November election.  She also announced the resignation of Roberta Tolan as Horticulture Agent, effective May 31.  Katie Pepinsky, Intern, will be working with the Farmers Market and the Master Gardeners.  Laurel feels it will take about 2 to 3 months to fill the Horticulture Agent’s position.


            Board members discussed different options and ways to hopefully make the application process easier and also to see if volunteers could coordinate more of the activities to take some of the burden off of the Agents.


Rocky Mountain Agriculture Showcase


            The Rocky Mountain Agriculture Showcase will be held on December 8, 9 & 10 at The Ranch.  It will be an educational activity as well as a fund raising opportunity.  The money raised will be used for 3 main purposes.

                        1.  Sponsor two $2,500.00 scholarships for CSU students studying agriculture.

                        2.  Earn at least $6,000.00 for Extension.

                        3.  Earn funds for The Ranch.


            There will be educational workshops throughout the Showcase and the main focus will be on small acreages.  Laurel encouraged the Board to attend the Gala on Saturday Night, December 10.




Commissioner’s Priorities


            Laurel let the Board know that the Commissioner’s still have a 4-H Building for The Ranch as one of their main priorities for this year.


Programmatic Updates


            Financial Education

•                                                                                   Work-site based education

•                                                                                   Larimer County Departments

•                                                                                   Will expand to the other businesses


            Food Service Worker Training

•                                                                                   Once a month classes

•                                                                                   Classes held on site at restaurants as requested

•                                                                                   Health Department Inspections staff help promote this training


            4-H Trainings

•                                                                                   Many project workshops being held

•                                                                                   Youth Engagement Training - Kathy

•                                                                                   Science Camps - at four sites - funded by a 4-H Urban Grant

•                                                                                   Mary Robertson will check with Poudre R-1 about 4-H information being passed out in the schools


            Horticulture Education

•                                                                                   Farmers Market - Intern Katie Pepinsky working with them

•                                                                                   Teaching Advanced Master Gardener Classes - Roberta


            Rx: Health

•                                                                                   Program ends in August - grant money ends

•                                                                                   Dog Walk - excellent participation


            Small Acreage Education

•                                                                                   Lots of phone calls

•                                                                                   Distributing Bindweed Mites

•                                                                                   Pickle Cooperative

•                                                                                   Tamarisk Education - possibly on noxious weed list


Extension Staffing Proposal


            Dr. Marc Johnson will be the Interim Director of Extension since Milan Rewerts has

retired.  He is the Vice Provost and the Dean of the College of Agriculture. 


•                                                                                               Counties state wide have permanent staff losses

•                                                                                               Potential for future cuts

•                                                                                               Possibly sharing responsibilities with other counties

•                                                                                               Base-plus Model - Urban Counties: comments from committee members:

•                                                                                                                                Concerns - Are County Commissioners willing to share County Agents with other Counties?

•                                                                                                                                Will this really work?

•                                                                                                                                Optimize Outcomes - CSU needs to define what they really want

•                                                                                                                                Compromise of personal travel and distance learning

•                                                                                                                                Keep strength of local investment

•                                                                                                                                Agent’s roles will change


            The County Directors will be meeting with the Regional Director on June 6 to discuss Extension Staffing Proposals.


Tri-County Extension Needs Assessment


            There will be a Tri-County Needs Assessment meeting/s planned for June 20 & June 23 (if needed) to work on the 4-Year Plan.  The three counties involved are Boulder, Weld and Larimer.  Extension Advisory Board members will be Facilitators.  Laurel will e-mail the rest of the Board to inform them of these meetings.  Robert, Henrique & Ralph are willing to help.  Rob Ryan  might be available on the 23rd.


            The next meeting will be September 8, 2005.  The next meeting after that will be held November 3, 2005.  Meeting places to be decided.  The Extension Showcase was scheduled for December 1, 2005 at The Ranch at lunch time.


            The meeting was adjourned.


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,


                                                                        Pam Heeney




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