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February  2015 Meeting of the




The Larimer County Board of Health will meet in regular session at  7:00 PM at the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment, 1525 Blue Spruce Drive, Fort Collins, Colorado, on Thursday, February 19, 2015, in the second floor conference room, East wing.



1.   Call to order – Dr. Mark Richards, Board president

2.   Welcome to former Board of Health member, Teri Olson, appointed to fill unexpired term of C.J. McKinney through June 2015 – Teri Olson, Board members (5 min)  


3.   Approval of minutes of the January 15, 2015 Board of Health meeting – Board members (5 min)

4.   Presentation of findings of 2013 Community Health Survey and 2014 Child Health survey  –  Dr. Bruce Cooper, Molly Gutilla, Health District (45 minutes)

5.   Requested discussion with BOH by City of Fort Collins West Nile Management Staff –  Dan Weinheimer, Mike Calhoon, City of Fort Collins, Board members, (30 min)   


6.   Draft  2015 Goals – Board members, Dr. LeBailly, Division Directors (25 min)

7.   Director’s report – Dr. LeBailly  –  (10 minutes)
Communicable Disease Update: pertussis, measles, et al.
   Request for BOH support for HB 1194 (Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives)


8.   Next Board of Health meeting  –  March 19 , 2015 (1 min) 


9.   Adjourn



Background Image: Loveland Bike Trail by Sharon Veit. All rights reserved.