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November 2014 meeting of the





The Larimer County Board of Health will meet in regular session at  7:00 PM at the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment, 1525 Blue Spruce Drive, Fort Collins, Colorado, on Thursday, November 13, 2014, in the second floor conference room, East wing.




1.   Call to order – Dr. Mark Richards, Board president

2.   Approval of minutes of the October 9, 2014 Board of Health meeting – Board members (5 min)  


3.   Report on the Immunization Program – Andrea Clement-Johnson, (30 min)   


4.   Report on the Community Health Improvement Plan progress – Christy Bush and Jane Armstrong-Hunt (20 min)


5.   Ebola monitoring update – Dr. LeBailly - (10 minutes)


6.   Director’s report – Dr. LeBailly - (15 minutes)


7.   Next Board of Health meeting -  December 11, 2014 (5 min) 


8.   Adjourn

Water fluoridation


Contacted by Larry Sarner, Loveland resident, concerned that LV system had not fluoridated water during maintenance on a water filtration plant beginning in 2010, and when it re-started adding fluoride in 2013 at lower levels than the minimum recommended by HHS.  He was concerned that this was all done without notifying the community, City Council, or local dentists and health professionals.


His original focus was to restore fluoridation to 1.0 mg/liter, but the interim HHS recommendations are to target 0.7 mg/liter (issued Dec 2010 – final recommendations have not yet come out but are expected soon


Became a debate over whether fluoride should be added to LV’s water at all.


Panel: Background, City of Loveland water staff, Dr. Katya Mauritson CDPHE


Pro: Larry, me, Dr. Cooper, Dr. Seager, Dr. Bailey, Dr. Allukian


Anti: John Meaders, retired CHIPS officer, quoting from Dr. Paul Connett’s books.


Public comment


No decision made that night.





I’ve sent out our recent Q & A.


Talk about preparedness of the department and partners


Some unresolved questions: legal quarantine procedures,


Answer questions they may have



Enterovirus D68


Seems to have peaked mid September.


Likely one child with neurological complications is a Larimer County resident


We are not seeing the volume of respiratory illness with bronchospasm that we did in September. In fact, so far in October, we have not done any nebulizer treatments. So I don’t expect that we will have respiratory specimens to provide and we have none from earlier.


I did have our IT department pull the data on numbers of nebulizer treatments in September 2013 (zero) vs. September 2014 (42, which includes 3 persons who required more than one treatment). Fascinating, yes?  From March through June 2014, we did a total of 15 treatments, so a typical average of 3-4 per month.



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