Loveland Bike Trail


Agricultural Advisory Board

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

12:30to 3:00 pm

Larimer County Extension Office

15250Blue Spruce Drive, Fort Collins


I.   12:30 Call to order, Introduction of guests & new members Gail Meisner


II.    12:40 pm - Consideration of minutes from November 12, 2014


III.   12:45 pm - Election of 2015 Officer Gail Meisner


IV.   1:00 - Commissioner Lew Gaiter Interaction and discussion of ag and community issues and concerns.


V.    1:30 pm - Break into Committees

  New member volunteers

  Assignment of Chair

  Finalize committee tasks

  Report out final plan


VI.   1:50 p.m.- Break into action groups & appointment of group chairman

  Animal Cruelty Issue (Jon Slutsky, Val Manning and Ted Swanson other members pick a group)

  GMO Education & Labeling (Gail Meisner, Greg Schreiner, and Richard Seaworth other members pick a group)

Report out


VII.    2:45 pm - New Business


VIII.   2:55 pm Announcements








Background Image: Loveland Bike Trail by Sharon Veit. All rights reserved.