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Advisory Council Meeting

June October 1114, 2007


Held at 1501 Blue Spruce Drive

Fort Collins, Colorado  80524


Members Present:

Nancy Arthur

Roger Bailey

Cassie CastleberryPaul Bell


Helen Davis Steve Budner

Rene DeMattei Marcy Greenslit

Marcy Greenslit Elnora McCloughan


Matt Jackson

Janet Montera

Barbara Nuss


Mary Shultz Janet Montera

Earl Stevens Barbara Nuss

Barbara Tuttle Karen Reinhardt


Mary Shultz

Lloyd Spawn

Earl Stevens


Stan Ulrich

Don Venneberg

Sharon Zamora






Stan Ulrich

Sharon Zamora


Members Absent:

Rene DeMattei

Ellen Pihlstrom

Barbara Tuttle

Members Absent:

Jim Barlow

Steve Budner

Manfred Diehl


Elnora McCloughan

Ellen Pihlstrom

Don Venneberg





Staff Present:

Tina Hugo Ruth Coberly

Margaret Long Tina Hugo

Ruth LongMargaret Long


Katy MasonKaty Mason

Glen Rathgeber Lynette McGowan

Linda RumneyGlen Rathgeber


Laura Sutherlin




Laura Sutherlin







Guests Present:

Laurel Kubin

Gail Neben

Marisa Nunez


Earl StevensNancy Arthur called the meeting to order at 1:34 33 p.m.


Mary Shultz recommended changes to page 3 under Foundation on Aging.  Mary asked that the word “been” be removed.  Minutes were accepted with the noted change.


Janet Montera explained that the Media and Public Relations committee feels there is a need for the council to be educated on the different partners in Larimer County.  This month, they invited Laurel Kubin from the Colorado State University Extension Office to present on services offered by the Extension officeLaurel Kubin gave a brief background of herself and distributed material on the Extension Office.  The Extension office offers a wide variety of training and information.  Laurel explained that the Extension office is a community based outreach component of CSULaurel passed out packets of information with an overview of the information available through Extension.  The Larimer County Alliance for Grandfamilies is one program where Extension has provided leadershipExtension partnered with the Office on Aging and other organizations to form the Alliance. Laurel went on to list the different options available through her office such as; Food Stamp Nutrition Education, which includes food safety and stretching food stamp dollarsThe Extension also offers financial education through various mediums including basic financial training and basic money management skills.  The Extension Office hosts many topics through the Aspen Club and Chilson Senior Center including Walking in Older MoccasinsThis training gives people an understanding of simple ways to help elders.  The Food Safety program’s goal is to teach employees in food service about safe food handlingThe Extension has partnered with the Health Department to offer training on home record keeping.  This program uses a notebook that CSU developed.  The notebook helps families with organizing and setting up a filing system for home record keeping including warranties and maintenance records.  The Extension office also sponsors the Strong Bones Program, a strength building program to help prevent osteoporosis The Extension is a sponsor of the upcoming Rocky Mountain Conference on AgingIn addition, the Extension organizes and sponsors the 4H youth development programs


No report given.


Margaret Long reported that the past couple of months have been busy for the Office on Aging with one conference after another Margaret updated the council on last month’s decision to give Wellington Senior Center a $2,000 grantMargaret reported that the Wellington Senior Center board thanked us but said they did not need the moneyThe Senior Center reported that they will continue to operate the way they are now and see what happensMargaret recommended keeping the offer on the back burner in case they need the assistance later


Margaret reported on the meeting with Senator Reisberg and Eva Jewell regarding House Bill 1100.  Senator Reisberg stated that he is planning to sponsor a bill again in the next legislative session to get an increased in state dollars for the Older Coloradoans fund. 


Margaret stated that one of the initiatives in the Office on Aging four year plan is to focus on mental health issues for seniors.  Margaret met with two professors from the School of Social Work at CSUThe professors are interested in mental health of the aging and are researching different types of in-depth needs assessments.  One of the professors located a grant that would fund the training of direct care staff in Assisted Living facilitiesMargaret stated that the mental health issues are very broad like the issues of transportation and housing, so we need to take a little piece at a time


No changes were recommended.  Minutes stand as presented.


No changes were recommended.  Minutes stand as presented.


Earl Stevens reported that the Executive Committee discussed possible changes to the committee format.


Margaret Long distributed an article from the Coloradoan about Earl Stevens.  Margaret presented certificates of appreciation to Paul Bell, Karen Reinhardt, and Lloyd Spawn for their service as council members.  Margaret also presented Earl Stevens with an appreciation plaque for being the Advisory Council chair for the past year. 


Margaret presented the One-Year Plan for both state and federal funds for discussion and approval.  Margaret thanked Stacie Hougard for her work on the budget and Tina Hugo for inputting units of service.  Margaret reported that the Office on Aging completed the Request for Proposal process and has now incorporated those figures into the one-year plan.  Margaret explained that there will not be any changes in how the Office on Aging conducts business.  Due to the additional state funds, the Office on Aging will be able to continue funding contracts at the same level as last year, with a few exceptions.  The Wellington Senior Center’s funding will increase from $7,300 to $11,000.  This increase is due to the rising gas prices and the expansion of their transportation service.  The Family Caregiver Support Program will have some changes due to the Colorado Trust grant.  With the funding from the grant, the Office on Aging will be able to expand respite care and material aid grants.  Margaret is steadfast in keeping the current level of staffing for the Office on Aging.  In order to do this the Office on Aging will need to use more federal funds.  If there is no increase in state funding there will not be enough money to fund the B services at current levels.  levels as internal costs are forecasted to go up, particularly the cost for employee health benefits.Therefore, the council must continue their efforts and be diligent in advocating for increased funding. 


Roger Bailey questioned the administrative budget; where does the money come from to pay salaries?  Margaret replied that there is $80,000 in the Federal Title III funds for Administration.   Some of these funds are reserved for program development.  In addition, some funds come out of the Caregiver and Ombudsman programs to pay for Margaret and Tina’s salaries.  Margaret went on to explain that there is also money for administration in the state funds. The ombudsmen, family care giver support program and outreach programs are funded out of Federal Title III B. Margaret stated that the County money is used for match.  Margaret reported that the county also funds two programs strictly out of county general fund dollars, $10,000 for four rural senior centers, and $20,000 for the Senior Tax Work-off Program. 


Karen Reinhardt asked if the Office on Aging has plans to pursue additional grants.  Margaret replied that yes, the office does plan to continue to look for grants, but must be very careful to not compete with our community partners.  Margaret stated that the Colorado Trust grant was perfect because the Office on Aging is basically the fiscal agent. Allowing our partners to expand their efforts in providing support to family caregivers and our office the opportunity to maintain and even increase our support with respite care vouchers and material aide.


Karen Reinhardt moved that the council accept the financial forms for both the Federal and state funds, Paul Bell seconded motion.  Motion was passed


Karen ReinhardtMatt Jackson gave a brief autobiography.



Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report

Matt Jackson reported that the board met at the Medical Center of the RockiesMatt explained that the board aired some concerns about transportation and access to MCR by Fort Collins residentsThe board suggested that the hospital come up with a transportation plan between MCR in Loveland and PVH in Fort Collins


Matt stated that the board has three vacant positions available and encouraged advisory council members to join.  October 22nd is the deadline to apply at the Mayors Office. 


Matt reported on the expansion project of the Senior Center.  They are looking for grant writers to fund the project.


Loveland Senior Advisory Board

Earl Stevens reported Angela, a Coordinator for the Foreclosure Hotline gave a presentation at the last board meetingThe program has useful counseling information as well as information on preventing foreclosures. 


Earl stated that the Bridging the Gap Networking Event had 182 people in attendance and 8 no shows. 


Foundation on Aging

Mary Shultz reported that the Foundation plans to meet with the four agencies that received mini grants this past year to get reports back on how effective the grants were, and how the agencies used the moneyThe foundation also plans to meet with other agencies that received funding cuts from United Way.


Larimer County Commissioner

No report given.


Human Relations Commission: 

No report given.


Commission on Aging: 

No report given.


Community Outreach & Education Committee

Mary Shultz reported that the committee continues their discussion on goals.  Margaret reported that there are two upcoming general training sessions by Project Visibility. The trainings will be held on October 31st and November 8th at the Fort Collins Senior Center.  The purpose of the trainings is to educate service providers about the older GLBT communityMary stated that the Office on Aging hired Ernie Zamora to help deliver the new Answers on Aging Resource Guides.


Media & Public Relations Committee

Janet Montera reported that the committee narrowed down all the ideas and put them into categories.  Janet stated that at this point, the committee decided to invite service providers to come and educate the council on what they do.


Planning, Funding & Partnership Development Committee

Roger Bailey reported that the committee received many budget reports from Margaret to analyzeRoger stated that they are working with the Foundation on Aging.


Pubic Policy & Advocacy Committee

Stan Ulrich reported that the committee decided to call representatives to invite them speak to the committee.  Stan stated that things are looking good for an increase in the Older Americans Act fundingThe committee discussed the National S-Chip Bill that will be vetoed by President Bush.  Stan urged the council to call legislators and advocate.  


Staff Reports

Linda Rumney reported that Park Regency opened in Loveland with 100 beds for Independent and Assisted Living.  Linda stated that Columbine East will be moving to their new building this next Tuesday, October 16th with the new name, Lemay Avenue Health and Rehab.  Linda reported that a new 6 bed Assisted Living will be opening soon called Turnberry Place.  Also, Ptarmigan Run has a new owner and new name; Colorado Assisted Living at Ptarmigan Run.


Laura Sutherlin reported that October has been a busy month.  Laura stated that she is helping to develop the new information management system for ARCHThe state contracted with a company in Boulder called VisionLink for the database softwareLaura will be trained to be a Certified Systems Operator. 


Katy Mason urged the council to sign-up for the Solutions to Senior Care Conference on October 27th at the Chilson Senior Center in Loveland.  The Office on Aging will have a huge presence Lynette McGowan is organizing a presentation by a panel of caregivers, and Linda Rumney and Laura Sutherlin will be presenting on their programs


Katy reported that the Larimer County Alliance for Grandfamilies is an exciting group that she has been working withThis is a new area of involvement for the office.  The Alliance is focused on helping grandparents raising grandchildren



Stan Ulrich announced that the AARP 10th Annual Conference is next Thursday.  The program will include presentations on pandemic flu planning and programs for grief and loss.  The continental breakfast starts at 8:00 and the conference will end at 1:30.


Helen Davis asked if anyone knows someone who survived the pandemic flu in 1918.  Helen’s daughter would like to interview survivors for a school project.  Helen stated that the Medical Center of the Rockies is accepting new volunteers.  Helen stated that she is a volunteer at MCR and feels that it is a great place.



Nancy Arthur adjourned the meeting at 3:29 p.m.




Earl Stevens distributed the nomination ballot to the council members.  The ballot listed Elnora McCloughan for Chair, Nancy Arthur as Vice Chair.  Nancy Arthur declined to automatically be nominated for the Chair position next year.  Katy Mason collected and counted the ballots.  By unanimous vote, Elnora was elected Chair and Nancy was elected Vice Chair.


Janet Montera distributed a copy of the new committee structure that was recommended for the Office on Aging Advisory Council.  Janet opened discussion with the council.  Marcy Greenslit, Steve Budner, Roger Bailey and Katy Mason described the structure in detail. 


Stan Ulrich moved to vote on adopting the new committee structure and title changes.  Marcy Greenslit seconded and the motion was passed.  The new committees and titles are as follows:


          #1:  Public Policy and Advocacy Committee

          #2:  Community Outreach and Education Committee

          #3:  Planning, Funding and Partnership Development Committee

          #4:  Media and Public Relations Committee


Katy explained that the next step in this process is for council members to sign-up for the committees.  Sign up sheets for members, including the new members, will be available at the July meeting.  Each of the new committees will then establish a time to meet, and then discuss the goals, functions and activities of their new committee. 


Stan Ulrich moved to vote that during the July meeting, members will sign up, and select a meeting date to discuss goals, functions and activities.  Karen Reinhardt seconded the motion.   The vote was unanimous.


Margaret Long noted that she will begin the process of changing the bylaws. 



Earl adjourned the meeting at 3:29 p.m.



Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.