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7:00 p.m.  April 28, 2010

Ft. Collins Room

Public Comment: 

§  None


Meeting called to order at 7:06 p.m. by:  Mike Adams, Chairman 

      Motion to approve March meeting minutes delayed until May meeting    



§        None



§     Queen’s – Lillie Parker (via Web Cam)

Lillie reported that the Queen’s Ball was a success.   Royalty is continuing to help with developing 4-H Livestock Sale video, final copy should be done by June.  Lately they have been involved in several activities such as, Founders Day Parade, Business Fair, and Little Britches Rodeo.

§  Ovations – No presentation


Chairman’s Topics:   Mike Adams

§  None


Committee Reports:  

§  Pancake Breakfast – Loren Maxey reported that committee will meet again next week.

§  Parade – Pat Young announced the 2010 Parade Grand Marshall will be Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden.

Parade preparations coming along with info and applications up on the Fair website.


Liaison Reports:

§  Junior Livestock – Greg Melick reported that the committee is working on setting up the non-profit status.  Committee looking for someone to fill the vice-chairman position.  Gregg will be meeting with Ryan Young to go over the marketing for the sale.

§  Animal Welfare –S. Fancher passed around printouts from the Colorado state vet’s office concerning an equine rabies case in Arapahoe County and information on signs of an infected animal.  Shannon will visit with the CSU Extension office on establishing protocol for the Fair.  Vaccinations are available and fairly reasonable for livestock and horses.  She explained the importance of having a record from a vet that the animal has had the shot.

§  Tough Enough to Wear Pink – Alan Rankin passed out flyers on the May 8 breakfast at Applebee’s in Loveland.   The proceeds go to McKee Medical Beast Cancer Center.  The golf tournament is July 31 at Marianna Butte Course.

§   Guest Services – Frank Marino reported that he was not having success using the computer program “Snap Scheduler”.  He and John Lee will work on it.  Frank reported that he had received 8 applications through the internet but has concerns the not all are getting passed through.  The Boy Scout Troop #95 wants to get involved in the Fair and has 15 to 20 boy’s 14 to 18 years of age interested.  Liz Garcia and Frank will work on packets of comps for these groups.  Frank is pursuing various church groups for volunteers.  Parade committee and Extension expressed some needs for volunteers. 

Liz Garcia reported that Moonlight Carriages will provide horse drawn shuttle service inside the grounds and also a 27 person shuttle outside the grounds in the parking lots.  In 2009 there was $6000 spent on shuttles and we need to try and cut that costs by ordering fewer golf carts in 2010.  It was mentioned that we might contact the high schools to see about using their bicycle rickshaws.  Kaycee Lytle reported that from the 2009 survey it showed that people requested more shuttles.  Liz asked that everyone get their shuttle needs to her.

The next Guest Services committee and sub committee meeting will be held at 6:00 pm prior to the May 26th Fair Board meeting.


Extension:  W. Woerner

§  Wendy reported that the enrollment for 2010 is larger than 2009.  Larimer County is doing better than other Colorado counties.  There were 350 kids from 7 counties that attended the Livestock Field Day.  The Livestock Field Day provided 15 different educational programs.  The Fair schedule for 2010 is mostly the same as 2009 except the alpacas will be added to round robin showmanship.


Rodeo:  Steve Humann

§       Working on new energetic, exciting changes to the rodeo program.  Adding lights and playing different music.

§        Fair royalty will be playing a bigger role

§        May hire a production manager














Ranch Update: 

§  2010 Fair Schedule – Lisa Lytle reported schedule not changing much from 2009

§  Building & Grounds – Liz Garcia reported she is working on fitting everything in.  28 vendors to date.  The Kiddie Ranchland will be handled by Hames Carnival.

§  Arena Activities – Abby Powell reported interest in a mounted shooting group and will be meeting with the group.  Steve Humann explained that the activity is a competition and the competitors are dressed in old western wear gear.

§  Entertainment – Abby Powell reported that when the entertainment is finalized it will be posted on the Fair website.

§     Marketing – Ryan Young

o  Will email the marketing plan to the Fair Board

o  Advertising will be on billboards/buses & bus shelters.  Nex Media is matching the cost.

o  Fair schedules will be placed in Comcast, REA, etc. monthly bills

o  Posters will be ready next week for Fair Board members to pick up and distribute

o  Fair info is on Face Book

o  Need info on individual posters for imaging

o  Pepsi is interested in TETWP

o  Megan McClure is working on pre sale tickets

§    Sponsorship – Abby Powell reported total to date is about $60,000

§    Group Sales, lunches, dinner’s etc.  RosemaryPrawdzik reported on what can be offered and passed out sample flyers.  Contact her if you know anyone or group interested.  There are many options can serve 100 to 180 people.


Other/New Business:

§      Bob Herrfeldt reported that he is working with Kathay Rennels to get CSU working together with the Fair and becoming more   involved.    Bob and CSU parties are having a meeting to discuss on May 4th.

§     2010 Premium book will be available on the Extension web June 1st.


Old Business:  none


              Motion to adjourn meeting made by:  Shannon Fancher             

             Seconded by:  Alan Rankin           

             Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.


   Next Meeting:                                                    May 26, 2010

                                                       Ft. Collins Room ---7:00 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted by:  KL, Secretary

Recorded by: ms

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.