Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

MEETING MINUTES November 20, 2007



The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm at the West Fort Collins Water District, LaPorte.


Members Present: Susanne Cordery-Cotter, Nancy Grice, Mandy Kotzman, Ed Ott, Paul Resseguie, Cordelia Stone, Will Wade & Ed Stoner


Staff Present:              Jill Bennett & Russ Legg - Planning Dept.


The meeting agenda was discussed. We have no say in the Greeley Pipeline. Greeley can proceed any way they wish. Since this is true it was decided to go over the “Land Location and Extent” process.

The meeting minutes from October 16 were adopted with edits.


Communication Items:


  1. Committee Member Communications: There are presently two subdivisions going on it LaPorte. The Sanctuary Subdivision and the Becker Subdivision.


  1. Jill Bennett Communication:

· .


Personal Appearances:

Mark Loder – The Holnam Subdivision intends to further subdivide. The open areas will probably also get subdivided.

Rose Brinks – There are 21 different Greeley pipeline options. She does not want the one that goes through her property.


Greeley Pipeline – Land location and Extent Process.

      A 1041 is the Land Location and Extent Process State Statute. The county needs to enact this statute for it to be active in the county. This will allow the county a seat at the table when things like the Greeley Pipeline is proposed.

      A motion was made and approved to have Mandy draft a letter recommending to the county to enact the 1041 power within the county code.


Larimer County Humane Society – The Humane Society was caught again releasing animals in LaPorte. The latest was Raccoons at the end of Michaud lane. There were two other incidences. Raccoons behind the Dollar Store and cats by the car dealership.


      A motion was made and passed to have Mandy send a letter to say…


      “LAPAC has received many credible complaints about the Larimer County Humane Society releasing live cats and raccoons in LaPorte. We are asking the County Commissioners to tell the Larimer County Humane Society to stop releasing animals in LaPorte.”

      LAPAC also feels that a copy should be sent to the Colorado Division Of Wildlife.


A motion was made and approved to cancel the December LAPAC meeting.

Adjourned to work session at 8:50 p.m.

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.