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Red Feather Lakes Planning Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes

August 09, 2007


The meeting was called to order at 4:02PM by Vic-Chairperson Lucille Schmitt.


Members in Attendance: Gene Barker, Susan Bradley, Terry Ferebee, Dennis Frydendall, Bill Gilbert, Ross Reid, Roger Svendsen, Gordon (Bud) Thomas.


Others Present: Jill Bennett – Board Liaison (LarCo Planning Dept.), Russ Legg (LarCo Planning Dept.) The following members of the public were present: Dave Alexander, Pat Bradley, Scott Horak, Bill Mason and Harold Mein.


Adoption of Agenda: The Agenda as distributed was adopted.


Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the July 12, 2007 meeting were approved with the addition of comments that Susan Bradley requested be added.


Communication Items:


1. Committee Member Communication Items:


Bill Gilbert announced that he will be out of state for the September and October meetings. Terry Ferebee volunteered to take the minutes for those two meetings.


It was announced that Gene Allen has been ill and that was the reason that he was not in attendance. This is an excused absence.


2. County Communication Items:


            RFL Business Zone: Jill announced that due to the fact that this is a very busy time for the area businesses, the needed information about what businesses were planning to rezone was not available at this time. Thus any actions to be taken by the PAC were postponed until the October meeting. The Planning Commission is scheduled to take up the issue at their October meeting and the Board of County Commissioners will take up the issue in November.


            Jill announced that Commissioner Rennel’s regular monthly meeting for August was cancelled.


Personal Appearances: None.


Agenda Items: There were no items on the agenda. However Ross Reid made the suggestion that the PAC begin work on solving the many problems that exist in the plan area with the roads. There are many issues to be resolved such as maintenance, rights-of-way issues, etc. In addition to Ross’s suggestion Lucille suggested that the PAC also begin work on developing an infra-structure plan. Dennis suggested that the County help solve the rights-of-way issues by accepting the roads where they are. There was some discussion about establishing the road rights-of-way as utility easements. Ross Reid, Gene Barker and Dennis Freydendall will generate a map of County Road 74E.


There was general consensus from the committee members that road maintenance and where the area roads now exist is a very big issue.


Jill and Russ will begin looking into what will be needed to get the process started. This will involve beginning discussions about who should be involved and developing a list of the resources needed to solve the road issues.


Ross suggested that a discussion should occur to determine the issue of a County Road District vs. a Private Road District.


Roger suggested that Jill and Russ explore the possibility of using the data that the County is developing for the Rural Addressing Program. The County is determining the GPS coordinates for the center lines of the existing roads. This data may be extremely useful in solving rights-of-way issues.


Lucille brought up a problem with getting answers to questions about the Rural Addressing Program. She suggested that a ‘pathway’ be established to someone that would be available to answer questions. Russ will get a name and phone number for the person that could provide answers..


Agenda Items for Next Meeting:

1. Determine whether the road issues are the #1 priority.

2. Further discussion on TDU issues.


The regular meeting was adjourned at 4:55PM and the PAC continued with an informal discussion concerning TDU issues with Russ This discussion period ended at 5:59PM.


Respectfully submitted,


William W. Gilbert, Secretary


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