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Fire House Meeting Room

44 Fire House Lane, Red Feather Lakes, CO


March 23, 2010 Meeting Notes


The meeting was called to order at 1:33 PM by Chairperson Ted Carter.


Members in Attendance: Gene Barker Susan Bradley, Ted Carter, Terry Ferebee, Ben Myers, Ross Reid and Michael Svendsen


Members Excused Absences : All other members had excused absences


Larimer County Representation : County Commissioner Lew Gaiter, III, Rob Helmick, LARCO Planning, and Dave Lentz, County Forester.


Colorado Government Representation :  Don Sandoval, DOLA


Guests Present : Pat Bradley


Adoption of Agenda: The agenda was approved as written


Approval of Minutes : The February 2010 meeting minutes were not available for review


Communications from Committee Members : None


Comments from Audience :  None


Communications from County Representatives :


1.         Rob Helmick, LARCO Planning


Rob advised that Gene Allen has resigned from the PAC.  Members present vocalized their appreciation for Gene’s thoroughness, consistency, knowledge and friendship.  His contribution to the RFLPAC process will be missed. 


Rob advised that contracts have been awarded for the RFL Road Centerline work and the contracts are currently in the County Attorney’s office being reviewed.  Start time for this work should be within six weeks and possibly earlier.






2.         Dave Lentz County Forester – Wood Sort Yard


Efforts are being made to try to develop a market for beetle kill wood but due to the down turn in the economy, this effort has not been as successful as hoped.  Through the use of Sort Yards, the County is helping the public in getting rid of beetle kill wood   Weather permitting, the County plans on opening the RFL Sort Yard on April 3, on Saturdays only from 9 am to 4 pm and the last collection date will be June 26, 2010. 


Dave handed out two aerial photographic maps which reflected that pine Beetle damage in Larimer County almost doubled between 2008 and 2009. 


Roger Svendsen advised that he will be conducting beetle training at the POA building at 9 am on April 10th.  This will involve classroom presentation until lunch time and then in the afternoon the group will go out into the field and hunt for pine beetles. 


Action Items :  None


Communications from State of Colorado Representative :


Don Sandoval, DOLA presented an informational discussion of methods of governance and financing for infrastructure for Colorado communities. 


Three sources of funding: Improvement districts, special districts and forming a municipality. 


Special districts and municipalities are separate local governments.  Types of Special Districts include ambulance districts, fire protection districts, health service districts, metropolitan districts, park and recreation districts, sanitation districts, water districts and water and sanitation districts.  Forming a municipality is a high cost endeavor. 


Improvement districts are set up by the County and the County Commissioners operate the improvement district.  The two types of Improvement Districts are Public and Local. 

All three sources of funding can use grants to fund projects. 


As a community, RFL has to decide what type of services that its wants, what is the costs of those services, can RFL afford these services and what is the best method of delivering these services to your community. 


Information pertaining to these forms of governance and financing for infrastructure may be viewed at


RFLPAC meeting adjourned at 3:32 PM.

Submitted by Terry Ferebee

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.