Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

MEETING MINUTES January 15, 2008




Members present:  Susanne, Mandy, Paul, Andre, Will, Ed S., Cordelia, Ed O.


Staff present:  Chad Bahr, Russ Legg


Guests:  Commissioner Eubanks


Chair – Susanne called the meeting to order @7:05 PM


  1. Adoption of agenda – Ed S. made a motion to approve as presented, Andre 2nd, approved unanimously.
  2. Minutes from the November 20, 2007 meeting – Will made motion to approve, Paul 2nd. Edited to show that the advisory committee had recommended that the County Commissioners investigate adopting 1041 powers.  Motion approved unanimously.
  3. Communication Items:  Ed S. mentioned the concept of Overland Trail name being changed to County Road 21.  Commissioner Eubanks assured the committee that this would not happen.

Commissioner Eubanks reported that he sent a letter to the City of Greeley inviting them to visit the “sensitive areas” that the new water line would impact if Greeley goes forward with their projected route.

In addition, the County is looking into 1041 powers this year.

Russ discussed some of the implications of the County having 1041 powers.  Russ also added that wind power will be on the list of projects subject to the 1041 powers.

Russ submitted a paper on the Review Process for the NISP EIS

Russ reported that the Boettcher Farm proposal has been withdrawn.

  1. Personal Appearances:  Pastor Ken Burns with Fresh Waters explained his     

Church’s mission working with those who were incarcerated or made poor choices in their life.  They work with youths, giving them alternatives to making the poor choices.  The location for their ministry is the Devore place on the 287 bypass.  Their biggest hurdle is the residential water well.  To use the property for an institutional use, the county requires them to have public domestic water.

  1. Action Items:

Riverwalk Subdivision – Chad Bahr introduced Mary Lou Schmunk, the applicant, and Jim Bunkers with Intermill Land Surveying.  The major planning issue which is on page 42 of the Laporte Area Plan calls for 2-4 units/acre; whereas, this submittal is for 7/10ths of a unit/acre.  A correction was made on page 4 of the report: “Rare vegetation or neighborhood species richness is (not) found on the property”.  It had stated that they are found on the property.

Jim Bunker explained the purpose of the subdivision is to provide additional lots/housing for the Schmunk’s daughter and granddaughter.

Will made the motion to fill out the Memorandum to the Planning Commission with the 1st two boxes marked which state:  We find that the request is generally consistent with the LaPorte Area Plan and we have no concerns with the application at this time, (A copy is attached)  2nd by Cordelia, motion passed unanimously.

  1. TDUs

Russ presented a draft position paper for our review and approval.

Andre made the motion to adopt the draft as written, Cordelia 2nd, motion passed unanimously.  (A copy of the position paper attached)

  1. Discussion Items:  There was discussion about members of our committee

representing LAPAC at other hearing, etc.  It was determined that, if possible, with advance notice of a meeting, LAPAC members could designate a spokesperson to attend the meeting


Meeting adjourned @9:04


Respectfully Submitted


Ed Stoner

Ad Hoc Secretary



Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.