Mariana Butte Golf Course

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Action Plan For Big Thompson Surplus Property

  • This plan was approved by the Board of County Commissioners in November, 2005; however, because information may change as we go through this process, the plan could change as well.
  • We ask for your patience. It is just the beginning of this project, and it could take years before all 153 parcels have been categorized and disposition decided. It is important that we go slowly to make sure the right decisions are made.

Properties will be categorized as to type beginning in 2006:

  1. Outdoor Recreation Sites - significant acreage with good vehicular access suitable for public use (approximately 70 parcels).
    1. Improved Parks (approximately 16 parcels)
      1. Sleepy Hollow - currently managed by agreement with the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District at an improved level of service (3.83ac)
      2. Forks - currently managed by agreement with the Colorado Division of Wildlife at a basic level of service (4.72ac)
      3. Glade - currently managed by the Larimer County Parks program at an improved level of service (5.77ac)
    2. Unimproved Sites (River Recreation Access Areas) - currently identified approximately 8 separate roadside parking areas adjacent to the river suitable for public access. (approximately 54 parcels)
  2. Inaccessible Property - properties with poor or no access to recreation or not suitable for public or private use. The County would continue to manage these areas (approximately 18 parcels). Parcel locations to be determined.
  3. Surplus Properties - properties located in areas not suitable for public access. These parcels would usually be adjacent to private land (approximately 65 parcels). Parcel locations to be determined.
    1. Priority of Sale - parcels would be offered to previous landowners (first generation, direct descendants only) and/or adjacent landowners. It would be the responsibility of landowners to contact the County if they are interested in purchasing the parcels prior to their sale. When multiple landowners are interested, the County will divide the parcels equally along existing parcel boundary lines to the extent possible. In the event that there are no adjacent or previous landowners interested in the properties, the parcels could be offered to the public for sale. Parcels would be required to legally connect to existing landowner properties.
    2. Deed Restrictions - surplus parcels sold will prohibit the following: Permanent structures for human inhabitation erected or maintained, commercial use, overnight camping, long term parking of vehicles and equipment.

      All sold parcels would be governed by existing Larimer County Land Use Codes which include floodway restrictions.
    3. Sale Proceeds - proceeds from the sale of these parcels will provide funding for the maintenance, operations and capital improvements of the outdoor recreation sites identified.
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