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The Board of County Commissioners met at 9:00 a.m. in regular session with John Barnett, Director of Planning. Chair Duvall presided and Commissioner Disney was present; Commissioner Hotchkiss was absent. Also present were: Al Kadera, Subdivision Administrator; Rex Burns and Harry Lynam, Engineering; Jerry Blehm, Environmental Health; and Jeannine Haag, Assistant County Attorney. Recording Clerk, S. Graves.

Chair Duvall stated that the Board has been requested to table the Rockview Planned Unit Development (#94-MS0575) until December 5, 1994 and the Highland Hills Planned Unit Development Amended Master Plan (#94-MS0560) until December 19, 1994.


Commissioner Disney moved that the Board table the Rockview Planned Unit Development (#94-MS0575) until December 5, 1994 and the Highland Hills Planned Unit Development Amended Master Plan (#94-MS0560) until December 19, 1994.

Motion carried 2 - 0.

1. TIMNATH MEADOWS ESTATES (#94-SU0508): NW 23-07-68;



42E; 64.27 ACRES; 20 LOTS; E1-ESTATE ZONING (11-28-94)

This is a request for Preliminary Plat to divide 64 acres into 20 lots ranging in size from 2.3 acres to 3.8 acres for single family residential use; Tract A (7.8 acres) has an existing dwelling. Mr. Kadera provided the site description, noting the existence of the adjacent developments of Homestead Estates and Kitchell Subdivision; he reviewed the major concerns and issues noting that this proposal has been difficult to design because there are various easements and irrigation facilities crossing the property, and WYCO has a high pressure gas line in a 50-foot easement which runs from north to south across the property. Mr. Kadera stated that the applicant has gone to great lengths trying to design a development which will satisfy the concerns of all the reviewing agencies; the lots were designed to avoid conflicts with the WYCO pipeline, the AT&T transmission line and the irrigation ditches. Staff Findings include: 1) This site was rezoned E-1 Estate in 1976; 2) The proposed development is consistent with the current zoning and with existing development in the area; 3) Access and utility service is available to accommodate the proposed development; 4) Approval of the proposed Preliminary Plat for Timnath Meadows Estates, with the following conditions, will not result in any significant negative impacts on surrounding properties, utility services, transportation facilities, or the natural environment.

The Staff/Planning Commission Recommendation is for approval of the Preliminary Plat for Timnath Meadows Estates, with the following conditions: 1) The Final Plat shall be completed in strict compliance with the conditionally approved Preliminary Plat; 2) Construction plans shall be subject to the review and approval of the County Engineer, East Larimer County Water District, WYCO Pipeline, Poudre Fire Authority and AT&T. Any license agreements needed to cross the WYCO and AT&T facilities shall be properly executed before any construction commences; 3) The applicant shall make every effort to direct all construction traffic away from the Town of Timnath. Construction plans shall include a provision that all construction traffic shall use County Road 44 and County Road 5, north of the site, to access the project; 4) Drainage plans shall be submitted to the Lake Canal Company for their review and comment; 5) The existing single family dwelling (double wide mobile home) shall be removed from the site prior to the commencement of construction of roads or utilities; 6) The following notes shall appear on the Final Plat: A) Larimer County Park Fees shall be collected when building permits are issued for single family dwellings on this site; B) Engineered foundations shall be required for all construction on this site; C) Passive radon mitigation systems shall be required in all residential structures on this site. The results of a radon test shall be submitted to the Planning Division before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued for each dwelling; D) No direct access shall be allowed onto County Road 44 or County Road 5. All access to these lots shall be from the interior subdivision streets; E) There are existing agricultural uses in this area which may create noise, odors and dust, which may not be compatible with residential uses. Larimer County will not take any action to interrupt any legal, agricultural use; F) No habitable area of any structure shall be permitted below grade unless an Engineer certifies that construction is feasible; G) All dwellings on this site will connect to public sewer when it becomes available.

Mr. Blehm commented that the Fort Collins City Limits are very close to this site, within a few hundred feet; however, public sewer is over a mile away. Mr. Blehm stated that to comply with the county policy of public sewer being first choice, the applicant has agreed to put public sewer in when it is economically feasible; consequently, the applicant's proposal for on-site sewage disposal systems is a temporary one. Mr. Blehm noted he has no problem with this proposal, as long as all the technical standards are met; however, he did caution that the WYCO pipeline needs extra protection. Commissioner Disney stated he is concerned about the cumulative effect of 20 septic systems in ground that has such a high water table. Chair Duvall asked how much extra work this development will cause for the Health Department; Mr. Blehm responded that it will require only the normal amount of work required for septic tanks for any subdivision. Chair Duvall also asked if there will be an on-going maintenance program for the septic systems, such as thru a homeowner's association; Mr. Blehm answered "Yes". Mr. Burns addressed the road concerns and noted that the developer has been asked to reconstruct and pave East Prospect Street up to the entrance of the project and to rehabilitate County Road 5 the length of the frontage of the project.

Ann Wills and Steve Engel, applicants, addressed the Board and stated they conceived this project of lower density and to be consistent with the rural nature of Timnath; it will provide equestrian use and covenants will allow for 4-H projects. Ms. Wills stated that they are in the ELCO Water District, which has approved the design of the water lines for the project; and she noted there will be four fire hydrants in the subdivision, and the water line extension will also improve fire flows for Homestead Estates. Ms. Wills further added there will be two irrigation wells on the property, and there will be an architectural control committee to insure a consistent and quality subdivision. Mr. Engel reviewed the extensive discussions they have had with WYCO concerning the pipeline and feels they have far exceeded their guidelines for development. Dave Neenan, contractor, stated he has had prior experience in constructing around WYCO lines, and noted that WYCO has very strict standards and they have had no problems complying. Linelle Lebsack, adjacent property owner, expressed concern about an area on the property where the WYCO gas line is exposed and requested input from the developer about this. Mohamed Worayeth, engineer, answered this concern and said the exposed area is across the ditch that carries the drainage water. Ms. Wills spoke to this concern and noted they have addressed the WYCO pipeline guidelines as well as any subdivision can. She also added that, in her opinion, residential use of this property will protect the line better than agricultural uses.


Commissioner Disney moved that the Board adopt the Staff Findings and Staff/Planning Commission Recommendation and approve the Timnath Meadows Estates.

Motion denied 1 - 1; Chair Duvall dissenting because this proposal represents leapfrog development, which she cannot support, and also public sewer is not available. Therefore, Commissioner Disney withdrew this motion and made the following motion:


Commissioner Disney moved that the Board table the Timnath Meadows Estates (#94-SU0508) until January 3, 1995 to allow time for Commissioner Hotchkiss to review the staff report and the minutes and testimony of today's proceedings.

Motion carried 2 - 0.

The meeting recessed at 10:10 a.m.



The Board of County Commissioners reconvened at 11:00 a.m. in regular session with Shelley McGraw, Office on Aging Director. Chair Duvall presided and Commissioner Disney was present; Commissioner Hotchkiss was absent. Also present were: Diane Martell, Interim Director Human Development, Michelle Johnston and Jeff Bridges, OOA Advisory Council; and Frank Lancaster, County Manager. Recording Clerk, S. Graves.

Ms. McGraw presented the 1995-99 Four-Year Plan and the 1995 Allocations for the Office on Aging and requested Board approval and the Chair's signature. Ms. McGraw summarized the Four-Year Plan for the Board and reviewed the Executive Summary and the Mission Statement. After reviewing the Mission Statement, Commissioner Disney suggested that a statement should be included in the Statement to offer assistance to the families who care for the elderly; Ms. McGraw responded that assistance to families is included in the overall Human Development Mission Statement.

Ms. McGraw described how the Four-Year Plan was developed and noted that according to the 1990 census, there are approximately 23,749 people over the age of 60 in Larimer County, which constitutes 12.7% of the total population; she stated that by 2015, this percentage is expected to increase to 19.1%.. Ms. Johnston noted that the Four-Year Plan was presented to the Office on Aging Advisory Council and was unanimously approved; she also described the involvement of the Council and staff in reviewing the grant proposals and in determining the allocation table for 1995.

Ms. McGraw described several new programs included in the Four-Year Plan; i.e., Dental Program through the Women's Center, Fall Prevention Program through the Health Department; Healthwise Program - To develop education programs at the meal sites; Berthoud Adult Day Care and Transportation Program, and a Senior Job Match Program. She also stated that they have plans to hire a Program Developer who will be available to provide technical assistance to the four rural senior centers to help them develop new resources and programs. Ms. Martell noted that this position is included in their staffing document but has not been filled for several years.


Commissioner Disney moved that the Board adopt the Title III - Older Americans Act Four-Year Area Plan, Fiscal Years 1995-1998, and the 1995 Allocations for the Office on Aging, and authorize the Chair to sign the Four-Year Area Plan.

Motion carried 2 - 0.

The meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.




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Sherry E. Graves, Deputy County Clerk

November 28, 1994

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.